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  1. Hi guys!

    I'm in the midst of planning a first ever trip to Israel. Can anyone give me hints on what not to photograph? I understand the military and orthodox Jews don't want to be photographed but is there any other taboo areas to look out for?

  2. I think avoiding pics of the military and military installations is advised. There’s no strict rule for Orthodox Jews being photographed. Many don’t mind it at all, under the right circumstances. I’ve certainly photographed my share of Orthodox folks. I would imagine most wouldn’t want to be photographed as curiosities. But if respect is being shown and, perhaps, permission is requested with a bit of friendly chatter to show genuine interest, there might be some openness. There will,probably also be some suspicion of strangers. That’s actually the case with most strangers, not just Orthodox Jews. Photographing at the Wailing Wall is frowned upon on Sabbath, Saturday. Other times I think it’s pretty ubiquitous. As always, with any religion, respect for those praying ought to be observed at any time of the week.
  3. Thanks Fred!
  4. Don't really photograph any people without getting their permission. Etiquette.

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