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  1. Island or Islands
  2. Bill, you beat me to it, but here is my version of Rabbit and Flat Islands as seen from the lighthouse trail. I think that Kii Point is in the distance, but do not know the names of the distant islands.
  3. Both islands as seen from Makapuu Beach. Fantastic shot Glenn! I will have to get my boots on and take a hike. Aloha, Bill
  4. Sunset over Catalina Island, from Newport Beach, California.
  5. Thanks Bill. You live in a beautiful location. My sister and brother in law live in Hawaii Kai, and we like to visit them every year. There is another trail, besides the lighthouse trail, that ends on top of the steep cliff overlooking Makapuu Beach. I hiked a couple of years ago, and thought that it would be another great vantage point for photographs of the beach and islands.
  6. [​IMG]
    Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou,China
  7. Mokoli'i Island. . . formerly refered to as "Chinamanshat".
  8. Wizard Island, Crater Lake
  9. Great Exuma, Bahamas-- 35mm film 1995 BAHLxx.jpg
    • Bahamas​
    • Bahamas-1979-3-79C14-18.jpg

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