Is V system discontinued?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by benny_spinoza, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. I noticed that both BHphoto and Adorama list the 80mm Hasselblad lens as discontinued. So is this the end of the V system? I just bought a used 45deg finder and recently had my 501CM serviced by D. Odess. Hopefully, there will be spare parts for a long time, as my goal is to start using my Hasselblad more. Bummer.
  2. There are lots of Hasselblad V-series parts in the pipeline, including Compur shutter parts.
    I have a large stock myself. I'm sure Mr. Odess has many more.
    - Leigh
  3. That's a good question Benny. I'm not sure, but I think I read where there was extra stock and it was a done deal once they run out. However, Zeiss sells a Classic version of the Hasselblad lenses. I still use my system daily and my repair shop never seems to have problems with parts.
  4. Maybe I'm missing something here, but the V system seems to be alive and well. B&H still sell the 503CW, the 40mm, 50mm, and 150mm lenses, and the A-12 backs, all brand new. And Hasselblad keeps coming out with CFV backs for the cameras, so it seems to me the V system is still alive and kicking.
  5. But I don't see any V system lenses listed at BHphoto, and Adorama only has a few focal lengths. But no 80mm or 60mm lenses. That is what prompted my question as to whether the V system is discontinued.
  6. I think it would be not far from the truth to say that the V-System is 'in limbo'.<br>We will not see any new items (except for CFV digital backs), and the current offering will decrease.<br>I can't see Hasselblad ever ordering new lenses from Zeiss, so how long they will remain available depends on how fast they sell.<br><br>And that (how fast these things sell) will be the reason why some shops don't stock V-System Hasselblad anymore. Slow movers (except used), and no promise that there will be a return on the investment at all. So the same thing will apply to many shops: as soon as the last bit they still have is sold, they stop offering V-System Hasselblad items.
  7. The 503CW is still in production. In the future if you have a Hasselblad question you might consider just asking them. First.
  8. Benny,
    At B&H
  9. Thanks, Tim. When looking under SLR Lenses, only Hasselblad H system shows up. But when clicking on "view all" lenses, then the 50 and 150mm show up. I don't see how to get to the 40mm via the menu, but that is a matter of BHphoto web design. But 60 or 80mm offered at all! Makes me believe they are selling off the last batch of Zeiss system V lenses.
  10. Also, Zeiss no longer has the ZV Classic lenses listed on their website, or their webstore. The MTF charts have been moved from current data sheets to historical data. Looks like they're discontinued.
  11. It's been perfectly clear for several years that the V system, while not technically discontinued, is only available until stocks are exhausted.
    Items like lenses are no longer being ordered from Zeiss..
    Even cheap things like straps are gone and not being re-ordered.

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