Is Tripod Collar removable on Canon 200mm IS lens?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by peter_yardley, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. I'm trying to remove the rotating tripod mount from my new 200mm f2 (IS) lens, as I only do hand held, and think
    it is possible without actually getting out a hex wrench... anyone know how? (there's nothing in the lens manual)

    found this past post on removing the 300mm :

    but none of those seems to work.

    The lock screw unscrews to allow rotation, with click stops every 90 degs, but does not pull out any further than
    There is no red mark on collar to align with lens red dot.
    I have gone around 360 degs pulling every which way but there seems to be no 'free' position.

    anyone shed light?
  2. With a hex wrench you can unscrew the foot but the collar remains in place:

    Read the review linked there too.
  3. If the collar is the same ones as used on other Canon lenses, You should start by slackening the locking screw, and then rotate the collar until the red dot on the lens aligns with the red dot on the collar. Then it'll just slip off in the direction of the lens mount.
  4. Well, I cocked that up didn't I?...I meant to say that the locking screw should be released to its furthest point , however I remember that the older type rings would unlock and fold back on themselves by way of a flush hinge.
  5. Unfortunately the design has been changed so the collar can't be removed without major surgery (and I've yet to see a report as to whether that leaves the lens in an open heart condition): even removing the foot is a pain, requiring an Allen key to remove 4 bolts.

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