Is this site even functioning properly???

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by eb_kidd, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Perhaps the makings of the ultimate PN debate. Not film vs. digital and not art vs. craft, not sharp vs. fuzzy or color vs. black and white. In the end it boils down to the figure of speech ... simile or metaphor?

    :) / :(
  2. Whoooaa!! What's happened??
    I have used this site for over 10 years and found it (mostly) to be really helpful, worthwhile and informative. I have put some photos in my portfolio, asked loads of questions and hopefully answered some too.

    I did notice yesterday that I wasn't getting emails after requesting notifications on some posts. This morning I tried to change my email address for a newer one I use which I thought might solve the problem.and came across this thread.

    Am I to understand that most admins have jumped ship and things like changing email address, notifications longer work?

    If so, what can be done by us, the people that just use the site and possibly take it for granted?

    It would be a huge shame to lose this resource and the entertainment (Effing is in the UK!!) not to mention all the hard work people have -and still are- putting in to it.

    I dont know how many members there are currently, but as a whole, surely something can be done, or have I missed the point and come to the party too late?:(

    A sad Jim, sitting in England during lockdown, thinking what a shame it would be to see the end of
  3. You can change your email address, but don't try to change the one you use to log in.
  4. John,

    That's the one I was trying to change but it just said "saving" and never got to "saved". Is there a way of receiving notifications of post replies etc?For some reason I don't get them anymore.
  5. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    You should be able to go to My Account and make whatever changes that you like - there is always a bit of a question, if you haven't tried of late, exactly what outcome you will get. I went to mine, made a change and got "saved" next to my choice. Will wait and see result then report back.
    Feel free to start a conversation with me if you have concerns.
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  6. Right now I'm glad to have p/n in any condition as a creative outlet. No better or worse than most sites.
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  7. Sandy, I have tried to change my email address twice since you replied but just get the same constant "saving" message. It seems also that although I "watch" threads and have every possible alert turned on to send me notifications of replies etc. I don't get any. If I change other options, they save with no problem.
    It's not a massive deal but to go back to something I was watching, I have to send myself a link by email from the original post, then go back to my email inbox each time and click on the link to get me back to it.
    It looks like you have enough on your plate already but it would be handy to get notifications if possible. Thanks for all the hard work.
  8. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    I don't believe the alerts, watch, and follow work as they did in the previous version of the site - they don't for me, at least. I know that some changes don't seem to come up till the next day. I have one more option to get info on your email address change issue - will check in there on Monday and get back to you.
  9. I started getting the occasional email alert which I didn't sign up for and regular alerts for threads I'm not following and can't "Unwatch". You know, "unwatch" isn't even a word!
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  10. UNWATCH ...

    ... is a word in current usage.

    You could try ‘ignore’ or ‘forget’, if you prefer, but UNWATCH has the more precise and relevant meaning.
  11. Also having this issue - trying to change some profile information (not email), get "saving", but never "saved".
  12. Not according to Mac Spellchech. BTW, neither is "Spellcheck". Mac uses the big "S" then denies their own word!
  13. Mac Spellcheck isn’t a reliable source of information. Just try properly typing its sometime without an apostrophe.

    Our usage decides what’s a word. Ask any dictionary publisher. They’ll tell you they often follow the lead of the public ... and rightfully so.
  14. "its" is suppose to have an apostrophe?
  15. Yes, when it’s a contraction for it is but not when it’s possessive.

    It’s raining outside.

    The tree shed its leaves.
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