Is this a scam

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  1. I got this email looks like an ego trap cash cow what do you think.

    No permission was obtained from me to publish my images in this book.

    This is the site

    This is the email That I got

    Dear Terence,

    The editorial team of Photography Laureates has conducted a detailed
    examination of the best photographs submitted to us in the last months. We have
    decided to publish in an Anthology the very best photographers and the most
    exceptional pictures we have encountered.

    We would like to congratulate you for being selected for publication as part of
    our highly acclaimed Photography Anthology. As such, you are a finalist for the
    $6500 prize. As a Laureate and talented photographer, you now have access to
    several networking opportunities aimed at exposing you to the photography

    Your photograph was selected out of hundreds of competing entries and you will
    be published along with other talented photographers.

    Your photograph, Gem, was selected for its light mix and general composition...

    .. and will be published in our acclaimed "Best Of 2008 Photography", Deluxe,
    8.5" X 11", Hard bound, 300 pages Special Edition anthology.


    Terence: This special edition will feature You as a Photographer with Your

    For a limited time, Click Here to enjoy this exclusive Anthology featuring your
    Photograph, for only $69. Please note that this offer expires on Apr-26-2008
    (or until stocks expire). There will not be other opportunities.

    Our Hard Bound Deluxe Anthologies have over 300 pages of leading photographs
    from Selected Laureates as well as several sections on photography techniques
    written by leading experts. They make terrific coffee table books and treasured
    gifts to friends and family! Your photograph will be published in this
    anthology along with your name and biography.

    Every aspect of the publication and design of this leading edition, the Best of
    2008 Photography Anthology, reflects the quality craftsmanship that went into
    the production of this special edition.

    Terence, view sample selected pictures of fellow finalists by Clicking Here.
    Here are also a few sample photographs selected in the 2008 edition of this
    leading Photography Anthology:

    It is also our pleasure to commemorate the publication of your photograph with
    a Limited Edition Certificate in your name, printed on a high quality Walnut
    wood finished Plaque. The plaque measures ...As one of our photography
    laureates, your plaque will feature your name and Photograph as well as a
    Certificate of Achievement.

    Terence, all editors congratulate you on your accomplishment. A very small
    minority of the photographs we examined were selected to join our Society and
    considered for publication in our exclusive Anthology.

    Please note that to recognize and reward selected photographers, we have
    established $6500 in prizes to be awarded at the sole discretion of our
    editorial team.

    Again, congratulations, Terence: the Best of 2008 Photography is our most
    beautifully crafted hard bound Anthology. It features beautiful Photography
    artistry. We are proud to publish you as part of this talented and exclusive
    group of photographers. Your contribution to this project is greatly


    John Warton Senior Editor, Photography Laureates

    P.S. 1 - Terence, it goes without saying that you strictly retain all
    copyrights for your work.

    P.S. 2 - Terence, for help, support and enquiries, please feel free to contact
    Sol, our customer service manager at Your customer ID
    is 154828.

    Terence Click Here to receive your Deluxe, Hard Bound, 300 pages, Best of 2008
    anthology. You are Published in it. Congratulations. price $77
  2. By the way i didn't enter this competition.
  3. Or publish images on this site.
  4. Sounds like a scam to me. I have heard of people doing this before just to sell books. The other thing is that they say that your photograph was submitted to them but I am assuming that you never submitted it to them. These kind of scams usually just use Google to find photographers and shots to try this out on.
  5. Save your time. IT IS A SCAM, well known in other circles. Ignore it.
  6. As usual, the clumsy faux-formal language patterns and phrases like "beautiful Photography artistry" are the dead giveaways.
  7. "Is this a scam" Sharp! "Sounds like a scam to me" Sharper yet!
  8. Definitely a scam. Would be funny to send them notice of a class-action lawsuit by all the people whose photos they publish without permission.
  9. If the picture is yours and the guy published it without your consent then he has to pay you. You should claim your fee for his using your copyright. I endorse the comment above [Mike's] that you should give him notice and demand payment.
  10. they do the same thing in literary circles..... except it is a book of "poetry'. SCAM! save your
  11. stp


    "P.S. 1 - Terence, it goes without saying that you strictly retain all copyrights for your work."

    No, it doesn't go without saying.... it only goes with a signed contract. Bogus.
  12. I did send them a small note with some Fraze's such as, where did you obtain permission and I'll take legal action.
    should do the Trick.
  13. The part about selling you a book is not a scam - it's just a sales pitch and if the contents of the book are their property, then there is nothing wrong going on. As to where they get their images, well, some of us post pictures on websites without reading the terms of use and may in fact have already given our pictures away to such as these. But yes, the thing to do is to ask precisely where they got the image and the permission.
    If you adopt a policy of never posting high-res files on the web, whatever they've got is not worth a lot anyway.
  14. You didn't enter, nor did you submit any photos, and you are asking if it's a scam?
  15. i actually just got the same msg... and followed up on what where the details of the contest and why we would have to buy the product....

    here is the response:

    Dear Alexandra,

    Thank you for your email and again, congratulations.

    We confirm that we are publishing you in this year's edition of the manuscript. Now, per your questions, We are a non sponsored organization and need to charge to cover our operating expenses. However, it is not mandatory to buy the book. Your photography is a high quality one and we command you for it. You are published anyways (under your full copyrights). To qualify for the grand prize winner you need to order the book.

    All finalists qualify for the for the $6500 grand prize. As a non sponsored organization, we greatly appreciate the support of finalists with the anthologies.

    As indicated we have 2 senior editors John Warton and Kyrta Reeves in charge of the selection of the photographs. Go to to see how John Warton judges all the photos. You can talk with him too.

    You can read about some of the selection criteria by going here:

    Yes, we are indeed very real! However, we have limited means - being a non sponsored organization. We fund the prize through the high quality 350 pages manuscript purchases and need orders to sustain the organization.

    So ordering members also qualify for the $6500 grand prize.

    We have a 98% satisfaction rate and produce high quality photography manuscripts. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and seek to contribute to enriching the amateur photography community. Depending on our funding we try to ship free copies to our finalists as they deserve it. The funding from ordering members is what keeps us afloat, really.

    All your other questions are answered on our general Questions & Answers page – please access it by clicking here

    Alexandra, , you and your family will enjoy your high quality, coffee table photography manuscript. In addition, this year, we have hired a professional illustrator for some great art work and have expanded our photo techniques section. In all: over 350 pages of great work, with your photo published.

    I recommend the platinum package to you. This package includes your 350 pages manuscript as well as your biography published in the book for the entire community to see and finally, your high quality wooden 9.5*11 plaque of achievement to showcase your achievement to family and friends. We are offering all this to you for a low price, but this offer expires in the coming days.

    Please note that orders are over soon. To order, you may click on the “order now” link in the email we sent you.

    Alexandra, , here is a testimonial we recently received:

    "I wanted to let you know that I received my book and you are correct in assuming that I would not only like the book, but I love the book and there are many beautiful photos in the Photography Laureates manuscript. All these should be in bookstores because a lot of people love photography (…) I was surprised by all of the beautiful photos. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

    Please note that ordering members also qualify for the grand prize– and results of this contest will be known soon.

    Please feel free to email me as many times as you need to. I am here to help you and I will always do my best to answer your concerns.

    I remain at your complete disposal and will answer all your questions to your full satisfaction.

    Warm regards


    What did you end up doing?

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