Is this a good MF slide projector?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by asimrazakhan, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. Someone is selling a Rollei P66S slide projector in mint condition. He is
    asking for $600 and is including with it about 200 gepe glass 6x6 mounts.
    is this a good deal? and is this a good projector?

    Actually here is the advertisement: Tell me what you think.

    "Rollei P66S medium format slide projector
    - barely used, almost like new condition. Die cast aluminum body.
    The projector is a 6x6cm or 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 inch slide projector for medium
    format slides. It has autofocus, forward, reverse slide movement, dimmer switch
    for light intensity and variable timed slide advance from 0 or 4 to 40 seconds.
    These functions are controlled at the projector or by wired remote control that
    is included.
    Slide are held a straight tray that hold 30 mounted transparencies.
    Lens is the Rollei Heildosmat 150mm f/3.5. The lens has clean glass with no
    Can be used anywhere in the world as it has a selector on the bottom to set
    voltage from 110-240 Volts.
    Includes a large quantity of Gepe glass slide mounts.
    Originally bought for over $1600, I asking $600 obo"
  2. Hi Asim,<br>no experience about the projector but if the lens is a glass lens (not a cheap plastic lens) you cannot go wrong IMHO. What is the nominal power of the lamp ? 150 or 250 Watt ?<br>Also keep in mind that 200 Gepe glass mounts cost about 180 euros here in Germany...<br>Good luck and happy new year,<br>Etienne
  3. It is a good projector (I own two of them). The lens probably is the cheaper plastic one. Quite usable, but you?ll probably want to upgrade.
    Together with the slide mounts (if they are old, you can expect some cleaning) the prices sounds good, although I haven't checked market prices in recent years.
  4. The Rollei P66S is the predecessor of the Rollei 66AV, which I bought in 1992. However, the age doesn't mean too much, if it's in proper shape and good working condition. I actually own two 66AV projectors, both have been working without a single failure until now, although the level of noise from the transport mechanism is remarkable.
    <p>The projector you're after seems to have all functions which are necessary. A 250W lamp makes the MUCH brighter than a 125W lamp.
    <p>The Rollei Heidosmat lens is good, but since I had the chance to compare it side by side with a Schneider AV-Xenotar 2.8/150, when I bought my projectors, my choice was easy. The AV-Xenotar is a brilliant lens, brighter and significantly sharper than the Heidosmat, especially in the corners.
  5. IThera are two version of the 150 Heidosmat: the glass 150/2.8 and the plastic 150/3.5 wich obviously is the less performer of the two. I have had the old Rollei P11 (with Heidosmat 150/2.8) for some years now and recently bought a Rolleivision 66 that came with the Schenider AV XENOTAR, so I have had the opportunity to compare and the Scheneider is noticeably better.
    I bought to rolleivision with Schenider for 290 euros. Even if this kind of stuff is still expensive new (I think the Schenider lens cost more than 700 USD), they are very cheap on the used market, I think you can find something better or cheaper.
  6. A couple of cautions: Be sure to have the seller run a tray through to see if the rubber wheels/mechanism that drives the tray advance are not dried up or worse, greased up by a sloppy lube job.

    PICK IT UP if you are within shooting distance. These things do NOT like riding around in UPS trucks. I bought one of the older (aircraft carrier) models and the guy dutifully shipped it in its original carrying case. The only problem is that they laid the case on its side in the box and a steel brace in the case sheered off a crucial Bakelite piece on the machine. Thankfully he had another parts machine and he sent my the piece (part of the tray advance) because even Marflex had none.

    Good luck,
    Ray Hull

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