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  1. This is a stupid question and it's probably not even in the correct forum but you guys showed up prominently in a google search I did looking for digital photo experts forums. I am looking for information on software applications that would give me the ability to see ALL of the data that a jpeg file contained.
    For instance I was told that there is software that can tell you what kind of a camera was used and what the settings were and even where the photo was taken based upon embedded GPS info and if the photo was downloaded froma website what website it originally came from....
    I am hoping that you know what I am trying to ask and thought you might know if there is software like tghis out there and if so where I could buy an app like that and what it's called ???
    Thank you in advance for responding to this intrusion...I would appreciate any info you have or even info you would care to guess at lol
    Thank You
  2. The information you are looking at is called "EXIF" info. Most graphics viewers will display this info. One of my favourites is Irfanview, see for places to download. The program is freeware.
    For GPS info: have a look at Lightroom ($$) or Geosetter (freeware). Perhaps Picasa (by Google) will help with geotagging as well. You might check this.
  3. Robert, since you posted in the mobile phone camera forum, maybe you're looking for an application to show this data on a smartphone? If yes, searching for EXIF, as Jos said, is your best bet: both Apple Store and Google Play have apps for it. In case you need it for Windows, Jos' suggestion for IrfanView is excellent. Opanda IExif is also quite good (and free), and supports showing the GPS data as well
    What is *not* partof EXIF data is the site the image was stored on. This info can be kept by the browser in which it was downloaded, but ultimately, it will get lost; it is not part of the file data itself.
    One more thing to consider: it is possible to remove this EXIF data, so many images on the internet (for example all photos on Facebook) do no longer have this data present.
    And you're not disturbing anyone here, these forums exist to help out with questions such as yours, so no problem whatsoever :)
  4. Thats exactly what I was looking for thanks you know of any of these types of apps that can tell you the date the photo was originally taken?
  5. Robert: Yes, the EXIF data contains the date the photo was taken. But it's only still there if the person posting/sharing the image file hasn't stripped it (and other data) out of the JPG. Not every image file you'll come across has the EXIF data intact - sometimes by accident, and sometimes very much by choice.
  6. IRFANVIEW is free image processing software you can download off the internet. It will give you all the EXIF data. It also is a pretty good program to process your images. Good luck.
  7. Yes, IRFANVIEW can be used to view the EXIF metadata on any common type of digital image file, but you also must download and install the IRfanview Plugins file so EXIF access will work.
    If the original camera that took the picture did not have a GPS function, then the image will not have GPS coordinates.

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