Is there an upgrade for the D90 planned?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ggoodroe, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. Trying to decide if I should sell my D80, and get a 2nd D90, or wait for something else.
    Does Nikon plan on upgrading the D90? Like they have with other cameras, making subtle changes and renaming it D90x...or D90s...would be nice if it kept the same body so the batteries and grips would be the same.
    I really like the fact that the D90 self cleans the sensor...
    Have a great weekend!
    George Goodroe, CFP
    St. Petersburg, FL USA
  2. I guess it's my turn to explain. Speculating about what manufacturers might produce in the future has proved so useless and inaccurate that bans it. If the past is any guide, one of the moderators will close this thread shortly or possibly even remove it. The collective wisdom says: those who know what Nikon will do have signed documents ("Non-Disclosure Agreements" or "NDAs") promising not to tell. Those who don't know don't have anything useful to say.
    All our present day cameras will someday be updated or killed by their manufacturers. As someone said, either a wise person or a man with a kidney stone, "This too shall pass away."
  3. Will Nikon upgrade? Yes.
    Do we know when? No.
    Should you buy now or wait? Magic 8 Ball sez: Dunno.
    Wouldn't surprise me if Nikon delayed any changes, upgrades or gratuitous mods to the D90 since it's turned out to be a success as-is and there have been virtually no significant complaints. One of those increasingly rare cases of it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it situations in the digital era.
  4. the D80's resale value wont get any higher, that's for sure.
    but why do you need a second d90?
  5. I am waiting for the D90 successor too - based on what I've read here and elsewhere I am hopeful that there'd be one this year. Fingers crossed.
  6. George, if you want to, wait it out. Buy the new D90 whatever it is called whenever it is released. Then you cover your tracks .....
  7. Again,
    Why sell your D80? Is it missing something that you cannot live without that the D90 Delivers?
    Why get a second D90? Why not spring for a D300s or a D700?
    As for when, as it has already been mentioned, anyone who KNOWS at this point is subject to an NDA and probably wouldn't tell you even if they could.
  8. The Dxx series appears to be on a 2 year cycle, which suggests that this August its replacement will be announced. however The Dxx is also on a cycle of reusing the Dxxx sensor. And no D400 has been announced yet. It is unlikely that Nikon will introduce a new sensor with higher MP in a Dxx body before the equivalent Dxxx one
    So my guess is that we will see a D90s this fall. With no signifcant improvements and only minor tweaks which make it slightly better than but not worth the upgrade from a D90.
  9. There will always be new models being rolled out.
    Do you really want to spend the time figuring out the timing of a new rollout when in two years or so, another comes forward?..or will a D-90 now serve you for a long time to come?
    Make a move when you need to, not based on what comes out when. If you do, you will always suffer from buyers remorse.
    Would a D3s solve all your problems? I know you are not buying a D3s, but I hope you see the point?
  10. Peter,
    Even if a D90s with very minor improvements not worth an upgrade is released, it may still mean the D90 prices drop. So either way a few months wait is worth it.
  11. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    The only thing I am quite certain about is that there will be a new Nikon DSLR to replace the D90, but I have no idea about the important factors such as:
    • When the new camera will be announced
    • How it will be better
    • Whether it'll reuse the D80 and D90's vertical grip
    • How much it'll cost
    The D70/D80/D90 series are in some two-year product cycle. The D90 was announced in August 2008. You can do the math yourself and get a rough idea.
    Otherwise, it is merely a waste of time trying to figure out what and when the next camera will be. For example, Thom Hogan is a well known Nikon guru; he writes excellent books. But when it comes down to predicting future Nikon products, he knows as little as you and me. In July 2008, he predicted that there would be a 24MP D900 but no D3X. 5 months later Nikon introduced the D3X but there is still no D700X, D800, or D900 now almost 2 years later:
    Keep reading about rumors will only get you disappointed over and over. The only honest answer is that we don't know.
    Since the OP already has a D90, unless his style of photography requires using two cameras simultaneously, the D80 should be a good enough backup/2nd body. I would wait for the next leap in terms of technology.
  12. I never thought that the D80 was a great leap forward. However, I got itchy and bought a used one from a local camera store with a 2 week buyers remorse option. I was disappointed with the metering and I took it back and got a used D200 instead. A very nice, rugged camera with higher ISO problems.
    I now have a used D90 and used D300. I have no idea on how one would improved these wonderful cameras.
  13. Not only is there a replacement planned for the D90, there's a replacement planned for the replacement. If the D90 meets your needs, get it. If not then wait.
  14. The D90 is a fine camera.
    Ever thought of taking photographs with it rather than chasing the next feature.

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