Is there a way to setup the D5000 to release-priority?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by dmitry_kiyatkin, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. I set the AF to "AF-A" and "continues shooting mode." I use AF-L button to start AF. If I recompose while holding down the AE-L button, the shutter release. If I recompose without holding down the AE-L button, it does release when I depress the shutter. Is there a way to override this? I would like it to basically alway release the shutter no matter where the focus is.
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  2. I looked at a PDF version of the D-5000 manual and see no way to accomplish this.
  3. Dmitry.... Choose AF-C (Continuous Servo Autofocus) and see if it does what you are seeking. See page 54 in the Manual.
    Alternately, use AF-S mode and push the shutter halfway to lock the autofocus, then recompose and push the shutter button the rest of the way to take the shot.
  4. Don't know for sure about the D5000 but on other Nikons (including film) you would set the focus to AF-C, reprogram AE-L/AF-L to AF-On (unless you have a dedicated AF-On button on the camera). AF-C will force the camera into release priority on these cameras. No need to set it to continues shooting mode unless you want to of course. I think the key here is AF-C and not AF-A.
    The camera would track focus while you press AF-On and you can fire the shutter with total disregard to the status of the AF system anytime you like.

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