Is there a place to find out how to run a photo workshop?

Discussion in 'Business of Photography' started by kirktuck, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. I've been an instructor at a number of workshops but I would like to branch out into putting together and running my own photographic workshops with a curriculum built around my books. Is there a source I can access to learn more about the back end of the process. I don't need help with the actual presentation but am interested in how to market the workshop and set up a registration system. Thanks, Kirk
  2. I'd think, aside from the potential competition aspect of it, that you would seem to already have contacts with people successfully running workshops.
    Aside from that, spending some time looking at the "marketing" and registration processes of a variety of workshops, group travel or similar businesses as they appear from the customer side and see how they are doing it. What kind of registration processes do they use? Deposits, schedule, what the customer provides to take part, etc. Which ones strike you as professional or inviting, which ones don't hold your interest, etc.
  3. Hi Kirk,
    Thanks for the email the other day, I am on the same page..;-) I have thought about workshops too, especially living where I do. I am currently trying to wrangle up one for the Fall colors up here in the Rockies, I have zero work lined up for September, October, etc, so I will be watching this thread to see what emerges.
    Best of luck with it!
  4. It sounds like you guys need a workshop on running workshops. Perhaps I should set up some sort of ponzi "multi-level marketing" scheme for workshops.
  5. As far as software tools are concerned, you could probably get by with some form of shopping cart software. If you really want to go crazy with something that handles mailing lists, workshops, etc. and have some web expertise you might want to take a look at CiviCrm ( It's open source, free, and while originally developed for not for profits and advocacy groups, will give you most if not all what you're looking for. I'm in the process of setting it up for a university program I teach in (of all things) training trainers, and also have done some work on it for a local network of artists here in Toronto.

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