Is there a Minolta MD to Leica R converter?

Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by drjedsmith, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. I'm wondering if there is a way to use Minolta MD Rokkor primes on a Leica
    body, such as the R4? I've gone back to Minolta manual focus bodies, and the
    lack of a spot meter is killing me (shooting slides). I've either got to get
    better at guessing or something - the metering in the Maxxum 7 spoiled me! :)
    Now I could get a hand held spot meter, or I was thinking if there was an
    adaptor, I could just pick up a Leica R4, and have an XD-11 with a spot meter
    built in.<BR>
    Just a thought,<BR>
  2. Hi,

    If you could get an adaptor you then only get stop-down metering anyway..seems a bad and cock-eyed way to gain spot metering, especially when Minolta made some lovely hand held spot meters.

    By the way, I have shot slides for 25 years with fantastic results with centre-weighted metering, I really do not get the need for spot metering anyway. The odd occasion it may be required is easily circumvented by bracketing..

    cheers Steve.
  3. You should be able to get an adaptor from SRB in England. They make all sorts of adaptors. Had it been the other way around it would have been difficult if not impossible because of the way minolta cameras are designed

    Manuel odabashian
  4. Jed,

    How about looking into changing the lens mount to MD on the Leica? Don't know if that's even possible. I agree with Steve, find a hand held spot meter -- or bracket. You have the compensation dial on your XD-11. Just some thoughts.

  5. Hmmm...I didn't think about the stop-down metering issue. Well, probably not a good idea, then.<BR><BR>
    I just need to use these cameras more - I was just so used to the Maxxum 7's metering that my first roll didn't turn out as well in the X-570. I will use the XD-11 a bit more again, and see if I can get my skills back. :) Used to do pretty good with one back in the day.<BR>
  6. Hi Jed,
    now you found the reasons for the evolution of modern camera construction ;-)
    I guess you'll need some rolls of slide film to find the specific charateristics of your light meters and how they work with your film. Even with spot meters you'll have to work that out. Cameras light meters can differ up to one stop or even more, not only between brands or models but within one model.
    With centre-weighted metering and slide film I found it generally helpful to read the brighter parts of the scene and hold the reading. In this case a manual camera or the memory lock of your X-570 is of more practical use than the XD-models.
    N.B. The Leica R4 has a reputation of not being very reliable. Many faults in the electronic. I guess in those days Minolta made better cameras.

  7. Just pickup a Minolta XE7. Essentially the R3 is an XE7 in disguise, more or less. I've had mine since new in 1974, a fantastic camera. One of Minolta's best.
  8. I believe if there is such an adapter it must have some lens element in it because the Leica R mount has the longest flange to film distance.

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