Is there a mechanism for requesting a name change?

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by stevemarcus, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. First things first, I'd be very grateful if the powers that be would change my
    user name to "Stevan Marcus", as this is my formal name.

    Now, my motivation for asking this original question is only partly (ok, mostly)
    selfish. (-:

    I am reasonably confident that there are PN members who originally registered
    using an alias but, after becoming more comfortable with the site, might now
    like to change the alias to a real name. Alternatively, there are likely members
    who, for non-trivial reasons, may need to become less readily identifiable on
    the site. Divorce or marriage would be additional reasons for requiring a name
    change. Given these very valid reasons for desiring a name change, I wonder if
    the site management might consider restoring the ability for members to change
    their names via the "My Workspace" page. Perhaps members could be limited to
    only one or, at most, two name changes without having to re-register on the site.

    Just a thought (or two).
  2. I think it was always possible to change names provided there was a valid reason, one just needs to contact the admn. or (it happened in my case) rely on the efficiency of a moderator whose name I dont recall, but who reads this forum and does the changes.
  3. Thank you very much, whoever you are, for changing my name.
  4. You're welcome
  5. Please change my name as well! I have sent two emails to support and no response. What does a paying memeber have to do to get a drink? :)

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