Is the Xpan 45/4 as sharp / good as the 38 Biogon on SWC?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by vick_ko, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. Is the Xpan 45/4 as sharp / good as the 38 Biogon on SWC?
    Is the Xpan 45/4 as good as the 40/4 Distagon FLE?
    Of course, compensate for the narrower vertical FOV of the Xpan.
  2. I've only used one lens that I thought was any better - the 50mm for a Mamiya 6. And I'm not sure it was better. I have very pleasing images from both. Of course my opinion is not objective in that I think most experienced photographers would be hard pressed to pick out an image from a specific lens when the final product is a print.
  3. Better, though not sure, than which one, Bob, the Biogon or the X-Pan 45 mm?
  4. I would say that there's not enough between them to make it worth choosing one to do the other's job. In other words, if you want to shoot panoramas, get an Xpan, and if you want to shoot squares, get the SWC or 40mm FLE.
    Personally, I like using the Xpan better than the SWC, but that's a personal decision. You can certainly shoot panos on the SWC, but the Xpan will give you a longer film area (it's closer to 6x7) and a lot more film choice (i.e. anything in 35mm). It also has a viewfinder that is dedicated to panoramas, yet switches back and forth quickly between them and regular 35mm frames. It will waste less film to, as you are not cropping away usable film area. You get at least 21 shots a roll versus 12, and if you are planning on scanning in an Imacon or Hasselblad scanner, you will be able to more easily scan at 8000 dpi vs 3200. If you want to shoot squares, the Xpan is a very bad camera to do it with! (well, perhaps not bad, but just poorly chosen!)
  5. I have the Biogon and the 40mm FLE. I have had the XPan. I don't know which is the sharpest, but I can tell you they are all plenty sharp enough! I use the 40mm in order to compose on the groundglass; the SWC for faster shooting and low distortion; I used the XPan for its built-in meter, Aperture priority, and of course for its format. But I never had any reservations about IQ with any of them.
  6. Q - I don't have experience with the Biogon, so probably should not have replied at all. It's not very helpful when a poster (me) can't address the actual question. I was speaking about my experience with the 45mm for XPan and the 50mm for the Mamiya 6.
  7. No, no, Bob. Sure it's helpfull to hear that there are not many lenses that perhaps are better than lens X.<br>But it wasn't clear (at least not to me) which lens you were comparing the mamiya 6 lens to, what lens lens X is, the Biogon or the X-Pan lens.

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