Is the T1i a step up over the XS?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by robert_thommes|1, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. I currently use a Canon XS, but have been thinking of maybe moving up to a T1i; as some of the improvements seem interesting, AND I can afford it(but not a T2i). Still, the bottom line is IQ. So I'm asking you if any of the improvements of the T1i over the XS are really all that important? Are any of these things worthy of making the move.....where the final image and IQ are concerned? 1) AF point differences. 2) Additional 5 megapixels. 3) Higher ISO...XS tops off at 1600--but I find it very usable. 4) Spot meter option. and 5) A much clear, sharper, larger LCD.
    Please...limit responses to these specific cameras.
    Thanks for your opinion.
  2. There are really only a few areas where IQ would be effected. #2 and #3 would be your biggest IQ upgrades. If you would use spot meter... then maybe that would help you out.
    The Clear, sharper, larger LCD would only help you on live view.
    For myself and my uses of a camera, I don't think these things would warrant an upgrade... Now if it was regarding a 50D, 7D or 5DII you would have some jumps that may be more worthy.
  3. Unless you want the T1i's video capabilities, I don't think it's that much of an upgrade over the XS. The larger, higher-resolution LCD is probably the biggest improvement that affects still-image photography. I don't agree with Erik that this only matters for live view. Any time you look at your images in-camera, the higher resolution helps. Higher ISO options probably won't be that useful; 1600 is about as high as I would be willing to go on any of the Rebels.
  4. Thanks Erik. Obviously the more mpxls would allow for more severe cropping. But how much would th\at actually affect picture quality for non-cropped images? I mentioned that the XS's highest ISO of 1600 is really not bad; but very usable. Would the addition of 3200 or 6400 (of the T1i) be just as good; and a reasonable extension from the XS? And as for Spot Meter, I'm wondering if this might just be the most important improvement of all. Yet, never having had it, I really don't know just how valuable it might be to me.
  5. Robert,
    I chose the XSi over the XS in part because of the larger LCD and the Spot Metering. I like the LCD even though I don't use Live View. After using the Spot Metering some I prefer the other metering modes most of the time and rarely use spot metering now. I do sometimes use the burst rate of the XSi to its fullest, so that was the third factor in my decision. That was nearly 2 years ago. So, if I were choosing today I'd take the T1i over the XS, but I don't know how much of a "step up" it would actually be. So far, the only thing that has even made me think of an upgrade is the 7D, which is way more than I can afford. So, all around, my XSi is still doing me fine. Any way you can get your hands on a T1i for a day or two and see how you like it?
    DS Meador
  6. Thanks. Actually have been offered a T1i for a decent price. But no real time to "test drive" it.
    Can't afford anything out of the Digital Rebel line(even the T2i). So I either keep the XS or trade up(or maybe "sideways) to the T1i(which I can afford to do). Would involve the sale of my XS. So is it worth the hassle? Might be. Just not sure yet. But I need to decide very soon or risk losing the good T1i deal.
  7. 3200 on the T1i is eminently usable, spot metering is useful in certain specific situations. The extra megapixels are really helpful. I would definitely recommend an upgrade to the t1i
  8. From the XS to the T1i is not even an upgrade, more like an update replacing an older for a newer Rebel. It's like you sell your Toyoya Corolla 2009 and buy a Corolla 2010. If you want to upgrade, go UP to 50D or 5D or 1D.
    If you can't afford a Mercedes or a Ferrari, would you get rid of your Corolla 2009 and get the 2010 car? Only you can answer that, personally, I wouldn't but I know some people who often do that
    risk losing the good T1i deal​
    That depends on how good the deal is. If they sell a mint T1i for $100, I'll buy it right away, even though I have no need for it at all. Yet, don't be surprised that many people (I know) wouldn't buy it either.
  9. As another suggestion. You say that you are not able to afford anything out of the rebel line, even used is this good deal on the T1i... $400, $500?
    Currently on the used market you could get a 20D for around $300 (8mp, 5fps I believe) a 40D will run you around...$500-600. I would need to look at the specifics but I personally prefer the xxD line over the rebel line, as overall the Dials help with faster setting changes, and I feel that they fit my hand much better.
    As others have said, it will really come down to your personal decision.
  10. O, I truly realize that this is my decision to make. But asking what others would do, and why, helps me to leave no stones unturned. I pose such a question mainly so as not to leave anything out when I make MY decision. Right now, I'm hedging towards going for the T1i....about 51% to 49%.
    I appreciate the feedback.
  11. I think the T1i has a bigger viewfinder. Certainly the Xsi has over the Xs. I find the XSi veiwfinder much better than the peephole of the previous generation and that made a real difference for me.
  12. UPDATE..
    I did go ahead and purchase the T1i, and almost the same day managed to sell my XS. I like the improvements of the T1i. I wouldn't consider them anywhere near earthshattering, but quite nice and worthwhile. The 33% increase in megapixels has been noticable when cropping. So I'm happy that I made the upgrade(it is to me, anyway). Thanks for all the comments. Bob

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