Is the Plustek OpticFilm 7200 Film Scanner any good?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by stephen_ratzlaff, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. I have an old Epson Perfection 2450 Photo scanner I use for large format scans.

    I'd like to get a dedicated 35mm negative and slide scanner and found the
    Plustek OpticFilm 7200 Film Scanner on newegg.

    There are a couple of reviews which are positive, but I'd like to know if anyone
    here has one and can recommend it for scanning 35mm.
  2. I saw a scan from it and I was not impressed.

    Go here
  3. I saw a scan from it and I was not impressed.

    Go here
  4. I bought one a while ago... like a year or two... not too bad... no ICE or anything like that.. but if you have pristine negatives, I think it does a decent job for 35mm. You can check out my gallery on here, most everything B/W was scanned with it. I don't do anything with color, so I cannot vouch for that. Also, I was not impressed with their bundled software... I use VUEscan.

    I do most of my printing with a HiTouch 730PS dye-sub printer... which does up to 6x8 (odd size I know, but perfect for matting in an 8x10 frame).

    What is that Plustek scanner cost these days... I got one of the very first ones for about 179.99$USD. Which at that price, there are not many comparable options... (Mind you, I'm strictly a hobbyist with no
    formal training... (so I may be a bad judge of quality, see the scans for yourself @ )
  5. jtk


    I don't think there's much of a "learning curve" to Nikon, Minolta, or Epson scanners with their proprietary software or Vuescan. They all default beautifully with almost all film types.
  6. Hi,

    The main reason I change my mind not to choose KM Dimage Dual IV (actually, a good scanner!) w Plustek 7200i SE is its lack of infrared dust & scratch removal and can�t justify buying more expensive one. I totally move to digital age & not to use film anymore.
    I realize that this feature is a must to scan film. I have a batch a collection of old pictures from mine & my late father that targeted to be converted to digital format. I try to use KM Dimage Dual IV but it is a painfully process, take hourly to patch w healing brush & stamp tools to patch part of damaged images in PS EL IV.
    Yes, I miss some useful features. This film scanner can�t do manually focusing & also doesn�t have automatic film transporter. It�s mean I have to move film manually from one frame to others.
    I also try to scanned w my friend Canon 9950f that produce good colour rendering but look so soft for 35 mm film.

  7. There have been complaints about the build quality of the Plustek scanners over the years. The Nikon LS-50 is a solid performer in all respects.

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