Is the Auto Tamron 80-250mm f/3.8 any good?

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    I was looking at used lenses in a camera shop and came across a nice looking Auto Tamron Zoom 80-250mm 1:3.8 ; in Adaptall mount with built in tripod mount. It also comes with the Adaptall Minolta mount. The shop wants 99 dollars for it, But i cannot any good information about the lens online. I plan to use it on both my Minolta x700 and Panasonic G1 cameras. Does anyone have any experience with the lens or can tell me anything about its IQ?
    I want it to replace my Sigma 70-250 which i don't like much
  2. Why don't you bring in the appropriate adaptor and test it out on the G1. The images should tell you a bit of the lens. At the least if it's worth $99. Maybe do the same with x700 with film. If the shop has nothing to hide and want the sale...I doubt they would mind.
  3. Those lenses may have the adaptamatic mount which is fiddly and difficult to use. Also those. lenses are heavy. Even if it's Adaptall I or II which is a better system the $99 is much too high.
    As I remember the Auto Tamron series is Adaptamatic or fixed mount, avoid it IMHO! The builtin tripod mount tells me it's heavy, old and only moderately competent.
  4. $99. is a bit high. Try $35. and that is still on the high side.
  5. An older design that is only just fair at the longer focal lengths. We used to sell Tamron at the family camera shop. We sold this one as well as the 70-220 and the popular 85-210. Stopped down a bit it is better, but you might want to look at later design.
  6. I had one & it was taken out of my gear that was in storeage.
    I used it on my Minolta SRT 101 camera, bought 1966 & still have.
    Once I put it on the camera & rarely took it off.
    I have many slides taken with the lens also my Rokkors, 58mm 1.4 35mm 2.8 & 135mm 2.8.
    Difficult to tell the difference. Mick Kemsley, Norwich England.

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