Is Nikkor AIS 80-200/F4 outdated ?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by benny_xq_bian, Aug 18, 1999.

  1. I just bought a used nikkor ais 80-200/F4 in Tokyo for around 350USD, the feel is nice but Nikon seems have long discontinued it. Is the lense worth it, any one still use the lense could share the experience?


  2. 'Outdated ?' - Never heard of autofocus lenses? They have probably a
    better market potential.
  3. Yes, the old MF Nikkor 80-200mm/f4 AF-S zoom is a completely out of
    date lens and is practically worthless now. You should dispose it
    immediately by mailing it to me. :)


    Seriously, the 80-200mm/f4 is a fine lens. It is a relatively old
    design, but 80-200 is such a useful range and Nikon now has four
    different versions of their f2.8 AF zoom. Obviously the newer models
    have an extra f2.8 stop, ED elements, and the advantage of AF, but if
    you don't need AF and prefer a smaller and lighter lens, the old MF f4
    is still an excellent lens to use today. And US$350 seems to be a
    pretty good deal assuming your lens is in good shape.
  4. I think the 80-200 f4 AIS suffered in popularity because how good
    the cheap 70-210 f4 Series E (and the 75-150 f3.5 Series E) lens was
    and because the older 80-200 f4.5 AI lens was pretty good too.<p>
    That said, the 80-200 f4 AIS is better than any f4.5-5.6 80-200
    (or 70-210) AF zoom that Nikon ever put out, and $350 seems like a
    fair price.
  5. Best thing to do is try the lens. It may not be fast enough but this
    lens is tacky sharp with high contrast, the best in its class during
    its time, may even rival newer mf or af zooms today.


  6. You Americans !!! The Nikkor 80-200 f4 AIS is probably one of the sharpest zoom lenses ever made, period ! The design and build quality is far, far superior to anything made today. Imagine comparing an F2AS to a D200 ??!! Like comparing an Austin Healey to a Kia Pride !!!!
  7. HUH!....It is now March 2010 and I'm still using my Nikkor 80-200mm f/4 zoom lens coz it's one of the sharpest, so why use anything else. To get another modern lens to equal the quality of this lens would cost megabucks. I wonder if BENNY XQ Bian still has his. I bought mine on ebay a couple of years ago for about 20'odd pounds, bargain of the century.
    Happy snappin' yawl.
  8. I have used Nikons 70-200 vr1 2.8 white version from japan, 80-200 2.8 af-d and this lens is sharper than both! i dont need the extra stop and extra pound of weight or the auto focus as I have become so quick at auto focusing it makes no difference. The lens is built better than any nikkor today with beautiful paint and colors. I did a test at 105mm next to my 105mm 2.5 legendary portrait lens! and it was as sharp in the corners and sharper in the centre. I bought mine on ebay for $170 in new condition with case, caps and filter.
    I will also add that it it my favorite nikon lens ever, I love how stealth it is in public instead of a huge 70-200 vr.
    I should also add that I used and compaired to the vivitar series 1 70-210 3.5 and 2.8-4 and sold them along with my auto focus nikon 70&80-200 after this lens was tested. Perhaps I got a steller perfect sharp copy but I doubt it, this is a very pro lens even today.
    My recomendation, buy one mint they are so cheap at $200 or less for what you get....its as pro as it gets!
    Please see my attachment picture shot wide open at approx 170mm this is a ultra high contrast lens with superior sharpness and build quality.
  9. This one one fantastic lens. I last had one in the early 80s and bought one to use with my D200 a couple of weeks ago. Just taken it out for a run today and my flabber was gasted. Every bit as sharp, beautiful tonal range ( even without filters ) and so easy to focus. £48 well spent.

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