Is my sensor damaged?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by stevez, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. I started noticing this strange patch of dirt on my 1DMkIII sensor, it shows up on all images and can't be removed by auto cleaning or manual dry cleaning. (I haven't tried wet cleaning). It is also very noticeable when I look at the sensor. Oh sure, it can be cloned out but still, I am very disturbed by it and trying to figure out how it happened? Any theories on what is and what may have caused it?
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    Looks like dirt to me, probably needs professional cleaning, so cart it off to Canon instead of mucking around with wet cleaning.
  3. Looks like dirt, but you can also try wet cleaning which can be effective for oily spots that are resistant to brushes. While its a bit scary, I have managed not to damage my 5D or D60 sensors using Eclipse liquid and sensor swabs.
  4. Just wet clean it. It's easy - it might take you up to 5 cleaning cycles before it is done. I have been cleaning my 5D sensor on a regular basis for the past 4 years (I live in the desert and dust is a constant problem).
  5. Sooner or later, as the others have said, you just need to clean the sensor. To extend the time between cleanings, be extra careful when you change lenses.
    DO NOT use household stuff to clean the sensor. Get good quality cleaning supplies made for the purpose from places that are reliable sources of the same. The sensor is the heart and soul of your camera -- just as important as the lens, and equally expensive to fix if you ruin it.
  6. I had something similar with my 5D Mark II. I sent it to Canon in Irvine, CA since I'm on the west coast. They cleaned it free and sent it back in about 2.5 weeks. I'm really careful about changing lenses etc. so no idea why or how it happened. Stuff happens. Best to get it taken care of professionally. Good luck!
  7. not yet , but i agree with the others , have it done professionally by Canon , peace of mind is important. PC

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