Is my lens cracked?

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  1. Hello. I recently found my dad's old Rollei 35 and after a shot through a roll, all the photos had a multicolored line going through the upper fifth of the photo. Does this mean the lens is cracked? Upon inspection of with my eye I couldn't see any problems which is why i am so confused.
    thanks for the help in advance
  2. [​IMG]sorry this should work
  3. To show up on the film a lens defect would have to be pretty serious and clearly visible when inspecting the lens with with the naked eye. Have a look at this test:
    I suspect in your case fault in a film processing issue is more likely the cause rather than the lens. Were you shooting negative film - if so, how do the negatives look like?
  4. That looks more like a problem with the scan. If you check the negative, you will probably not find the line.
  5. Just saw your picture now. That is definitely not a lens or camera problem. It could be caused by the machine doing the film processing but it looks more like a digital artefact caused by the scanner.
    I would just ask the lab that did the scanning to do it again.
  6. Is there a line on all the negatives? That looks more like a scanning problem to me.
    Not a problem with the lens on the camera, that's for sure.
  7. If you can see it on the negative it is a scratch I bet. Look to see if there is some grit/dirt or a burr in the film path. If not on the negative then it is a scanning problem.
  8. Thanks everyone. I looked over the negatives again and it does not appear to be scratched. I must assume that it was then a processing error as the streak occurred in the same spot on each printed photo. I will go back to the photo lab tomorrow to ask for the photos to be re-printed and scanned.
  9. Rescan the negative upside down and you'll know for sure.
  10. Bill he said it was a commercial scan.
  11. With the dual colors, it looks like the scanning to me.
  12. I saw tri colors on my monitor .. :) That is why I had to ask what I did.
  13. UPDATE: Just got the revised set of photos back from the lab and they are spotless! Turns out it was a problem with the scanning! Thanks everyone for the help.

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