is miami safe for shooting ?

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  1. I never been to miami nor lauderdale.
    Is it safe to carry DSLR and expensive shooting equipment ?
    Any good spots go ? or good spot for strobing..?
    Any photo stores with super deals in that area ?
  2. About as safe as any other big city. Don't walk in to really bad areas at 2am and you're fine.
  3. If you stay in areas where tourists usually hang out (e.g. Miami Beach, Coconut Grove), you should be fine. The sunrise in Miami is gorgeous so do make plans to get up early one morning to capture it at the beachfront. South Beach is the place for night shots.
  4. From what we get on TV up here. it's probably safer for shooting than for photography...:)
  5. It's like any other city of reasonable size. Much of it is perfectly safe, but there are areas you don't want to be in at night with or without a camera.
    BTW, nice shot, Victor.
  6. " never been to miami nor lauderdale.
    Is it safe to carry DSLR and expensive shooting equipment ?

    Yes it's safe, I go there every year and never had any trouble. It's a tourist town so the natives are use to seein people with cameras. Of course if you are going to be on the streets with a Leica at 2:00AM in the morning...
  7. just don't take any pictures of shooting or while shooting and you'll be fine... ;-)
  8. I've carried around my DSLR (D300 with 18-55mm f2.8) in Miami and didn't have any issues. Of course, like any major city be aware of your surroundings.
  9. It's safe. Use common sense. There's high crime areas, and they look the part.
    This might help (look at the times).
  10. Right now? No, it's not safe... you might get frostbite.
  11. Streetshooting usually doesn't need fancy equipment, so when in difficult areas, and without robust two legged company, I usually use a small fixed lens 35mm (Minox, Rollei or a black point and shoot digital) or a cheap looking 35 with a modest fixed telephoto lens, both easily dissimulated within an army surplus quality bag and taken out only when the shot is pending. I also dress down (darker clothes or simple lighter clothes) to make myself less noticeable.
  12. Shooting in Miami is like shooting in any other large city. Don't go down alleys that look like you shouldn't go down them and if possible take a friend along to shoot with you, both for safety and for fun. Two major places to stay out of would be Overtown (Miami's South Central), and Miami Gardens. These places are no go's for expensive cameras and anyone who doesn't look like they belong. Other than that, downtown is safe. The surrounding south Miami suburbs are nice too (lots of parks and the Viscaya gardens).
    If you are a fan of architecture photos, Miami is the place to go. The Business district in downtown is a pretty incredible place to shoot. All glass and steel, which can be difficult on a sunny day but the results, if done right can be spectacular. And lets not forget the art deco in South Beach. Neon lights at night make for some excellent long exposure shots and you can have a ton of fun shooting down there surrounded by Miami's elite.
    Overall, I'd say if you want to shoot miami, just be careful, stay out of the dark creepy alleys (of which there arent' many in the downtown area), and really enjoy it. The weather is great: sunny almost every day, and warm. The architecture and greenery is great: flowers of every type. The city is vibrant and full of life so have fun!
  13. My sister went to graduate school and discovered her photography calling in Miami.

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