Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by janicem, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. HI! I broke my Canon Rebel T1i LCD screen/cover (on the back).
    It's cracked.
    Just sent it off for the estimate to get it fixed by Canon - $250!
    YIKES! Is it worth it?
    The LCD screen did still work - just had a star shaped crack on the glass.
    THANKING you in advance for your advice/information! Thanks!
  2. Two years ago I sent a camera back to Canon for repair and faced the same dilemma. I traded my camera to Canon for a refurbished model with a guarantee. Ask Canon if they still have this practice. That turned out to be the best option for me. I was dealing with the New Jersy repair center.
  3. hi Janice. how about apiece of clear rear lcd protector? keep the damp out! regards miken
  4. With Black Friday coming up you could probably get a T1i kit and by the time you sell the lenses, the new body will probably cost you around the same price.
  5. You could try to replace it yourself; you can order the part from Canon. I broke a display window on my 5D and did the repair myself. It's risky but cheap. It's described here, at
  6. No, it's not worth it if the camera still operates normally. I'd either add on a clear screen protector (they just stick on), or I'd get the part from Canon and replace it myself. Failing that maybe a local camera repair store would do it for you cheaper than Canon. Shouldn't take them more than 15 minutes. The rear screen protector is just stuck on as far as I know. The only difficulty is in pulling the old one off. At least that's true for older models. Not 100% sure it still applies to the T1i, but as far as I know it does.
    Are you sure the Canon price is for replacing the LCD screen cover not replacing the actual LCD itself? $250 seems like a lot, even for Canon. I'd have guessed they'd have charged the usual ~$100 minimum, since it's a 10 minute job that doesn't require they take the camera apart. If they are going to replace the LCD itself, then $250 would be a reasonable charge since the LCD costs more plus you have to take to camera apart to get to it to change it.
  7. This company in Centennial, Colorado may have it:
  8. Hi Janice,
    Th lcd panel itself is located behind a plastic glass , If the panel is broken , It would show black ink-like image even when the camera is not on.
    But if the outer glass cracked it would be relatively easy to replace and you can find replacement on ebay.
    I already found one.
  9. Check out the Canon customer loyalty program.
  10. Here is the estimate I received from Canon:
    (Plus an additional $21.+ for shipping)
    > Flat Rate Repair Charge (Parts & Labor Included)
    > $ 210.00
    > *Service / Work Type:* Charge , Repair>
    > Sales Tax $ 15.33
    > *Equipment Received:* EOS REBEL T1I
    Ummmmm..........I guess their flat rate repair went up! The total is nearly $250.00.
    I did email them back to ask for details about the cost and also the loyalty program but
    they want me to call them rather than email about it. So that's my next step.
    THANKS again to all for your help! I sincerely appreciate it VERY much!
  11. Not worth it to me. (Because its usable.) But I'll tell you this much. I just got my EOS 40D shutter replaced (dead at about 20,000 exposures.) Canon service was awesome! Fast.

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