Is it safe to buy NON-US Canon 1D Factory sealed?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by mike burley, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. I'm Thinking of buying the Canon 1D from Expres Cameras (1800-2398161
    if anyone wants one too).

    They're selling them for $3129plus shipping which is $156 which is A
    LOT!!! But its still hundreds unde the rest.

    They said that its a foreign camera with a 1yr store warr. No canon
    US warr. but its factory sealed with all the software and other

    Should I spend the extra 2-300 to get US?

  2. Ask yourself if this is a store you'd trust to provide the best warranty service if you have a problem. Do they do the work themselves in their basement?

    The shipping charge alone should give you some cause to be concerned about their business ethics. Unless they're overnighting it to a remote camp on the north slope of Alaska, $156 is a total rip off.
  3. I fail to understand how people can be ready to drop over $3000 on a camera, but then want to cheap out and save one or two hundred by dealing with a shady company, which could end up costing you a whole lot more down the road.
    Buy from a reputable shop and spare yourself a future headache.
  4. This link will answer your question:


  5. You do understand what caveat emptor means, right?
  6. thanks,

    It is stupid to spend 3K on a camera then skimp on 200 to save and potentually get a crappy camera that doesn't work. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with non US canons that are factory sealed.
    Does non-US mean grey market? how does the rest of the world buy canons then? does everyone in europe by US canon? Just wondering if non-US ='s grey market.
  7. There is absolutely nothing evil or anything else about "grey market" cameras, etc. They are the same thing as a "USA" item. What you have to worry about is WHO you buy it from. I have purchased both types and have had to send both types if for service. Both types were serviced at Canon USA. Grey market equipment has an International warranty and Canon USA is not obligated to do warranty work on them. But for logistical reasons they end up doing both types here most of the time anyway. And once you are past the warranty it is pretty much a dead issue. For Example: if you buy a Canon digital camera at B&H: USA - you send it directly to Canon USA for warranty service, Grey - you send it back to B&H and they send it to Canon USA per their agreement with them. Buy USA or Grey from a reputable dealer and you probably will not have any problems. I have been buying both for years and never had a problem. This is my experience but maybe somebody else has had problems. I never hear much about it though.

  8. Grey Market, US, all come from same parts, same labor, same place, same quality control. "US" simply means that the item was packed with a USA warranty card and was "officially" imported to USA.<p>The references to "factory sealed" always make me wonder though. The only "sealed" Canon camera I ever bought was actually factory refurbished. Every other new body I have bought was in unsealed packaging. What does this "sealed"mean, anyway? Cynic that I am, I always picture some moron shrink wrapping used equipment and calling it new and factory sealed.
  9. Canon USA repairs "grey" market cameras under the one year guarantee. As
    mentioned above I have purchased numerous Canon items and none have been
  10. $156.00 for shipping??? don't walk, RUN away from the reseller immediately!!! Unless they are using a molecular transponder which will materialize the camera in your house 1 hr after purchase, of course :)

    Seriously, Bob is right, that's concern enough to at least investigate the dealer. I am sure you'll find out they are not reputable.

    Someone posted a great link where they rate resellers. Check it out...
  11. While Canon may currently repair in and out of warranty Grey Market items, they may not in the future. Take a look at Nikon and their higher end cameras. They will not repair Grey Market cameras on the F100 and D1 series cameras from my understanding. They will (I believe) repair cameras purchased overseas if you can provide a receipt showing the purchase of that item overseas (ie., being on a trip and buying a camera).

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