Is Cosinon Auto lens only for auto-focusing cameras?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by shahdad_samimi, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. is a Cosinon Auto lens with M42 mount only for auto-focusing cameras? Would I be able to use it with a pentax honeywell spotmatic? thanks
  2. Auto in this case means "automatic diaphragm," which means that the aperture will stay open for viewing, and drop to your chosen setting when you click the shutter. It's manual focus, and should be fine on the Spotmatic.
  3. While I am not familiar with this particular lens, so don't know what mount it has, lenses that are marked "AUTO" refer to the automatic diaphragm, not to auto focus. If this is an M42 lens as I think Cosina lenses were, it probably has a little pin sticking out of the back which is the mechanical connection to close down the aperture.
  4. Ditto for what the other two guys already said.

    Or, to put it this way, have you ever seen an autofocusing camera with an M42 mount? The M42 mount was discontinued around 1975 and autofocus was not introduced until 1985.

    Yes, the Cosinon fits the Spotmatic. Good gravy man, be adventurous. Try putting it on the camera.
  5. Well, there is some reason to be cautious in mounting lenses. Lots of T-mount lenses and M42 cameras have been
    cross-threaded by attempts to mount the M42x0.75mm T-mount thread directly onto a M42 camera with an M42x1.0
    thread. I think Tamron made a mistake in choosing the different pitch while keeping the same diameter.

    Don't force it! If it doesn't work smoothly, there is probably something wrong.
  6. Cosina, maker of the Cosinon lens, made everything in Pentax screw mount or Pentax K mount. Same for Chinon. No chance of it being a t- mount.
  7. thanks a lot guys the info is very helpful

    ill give it a go and see what happens
  8. It will be fine.
  9. Many things photographic say "AUTO" which can be misleading.

    Yes, my shutter "automatically" fires on my Kiev 4am when I hit the shutter release, but there's nothing "Auto" about it. Reminds me of an old flash that said "Auto" that had full power and half-power with an "automatic exposure chart" on the back. No, it didn't even have the little sensor in the switch.It died a few weeks later.
  10. Minor correction... Cosina made lenses in many different mounts, not just M42 and PK. In the 1980s (in USA market) you could buy a Cosina lens for your Canon, Nikon, Minolta, etc., in addition to the lenses they made for their own cameras. In the early 1980s, Cosina took a stab at competing against Vivitar, Tamron, Sigma, etc., in offering after-market lenses (not too successfully, I might add), but they were all fixed-mount lenses.

  11. Well, the meaning of the word "auto(matic)" has changed somewhat over the decades... in the 1930s and 1940s some cameras were advertised as "automatic focus" since the focussing mechanism was coupled to the rangefinder. Some TLRs were advertised as "automatic film winding" since they had a frame spacing mechanism for advancing the (sprocket-hole less) 120 film without having to check frame numbers through a ruby window.

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