Is an adaptor or converter necessary for D700 quick charger MH-18a?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by rick_gray, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Hello,
    I'll be in the Uk for five weeks with my first ever digital camera, a Nikon D700. (I am a diehard TRI-X film guy who has seen the light) and I am very excited about the possibilities. Will I need a transformer or voltage converter for my quick charger in London? I've checked previous posts (circa June 2006) and they suggested then that an adapter is enough? I notice on the back of the charger, it says foreign input 100-240 v. I believe England is 240 volts. So it seems logical that an adapter alone would be sufficient. What say you folks? A thousand thanks. Rick
  2. All you need is a plug adapter, not a voltage adapter. Your charger will automatically adapt to the UK voltage. This from vast personal experience in Europe. Pack a small travel umbrella.
  3. Indeed, you'll be fine. Just note the fine print on the device itself - it mentions its happiness with 50 or 60Hz, and voltages from the lower US standards all the way up through the higher Euro-ish varieties. It's just the physcial format of the plug that's the issue, and easily solved. Also, in the UK, you may find you need to add some extra seasoning, and that without a special adapter, your beer may be too warm.

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