Is $800. too good to be true for the 7D body..?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by stefographer, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. $799. for the 7D body...
    Now of course my first hesitation is "If it's too good to be true..." BUT... the stores ratings are excellent....
    I will be calling tomorrow to ask if it's a refurb or an import grey market or something....
    Anybody by any chance ever ordered from "PhotoVideo Superstore".....?
    ugh. lol sweeeeet price.
    Thanks for your opinions everybody...... Wish me luck if i go for it.....
  2. I hope you haven't taken the bait yet. When in doubt, do a Google search. This is what I got as some of the top 10 results:
    Don't risk it.
  3. Do you really need to ask? Seriously?
    The price for a new 7D at the two of the largest photo retailers in North America is $1529 and $1550. That's the price charged by two companies with huge buying power. And you need to ask if $800 is legit?!
    "Wish me luck if i go for it....."
    You're going to need more than luck!
  4. I'm sure they'll be more than happy to take your money... but it is a ripoff. Remember, the store "ratings" are bought and paid for -- even when the rater doesn't actually work for the company... often companies like this have employees constantly writing self promoting reviews.
    What I would expect is that you'll pay, and a few days later you'll get an email that they are out of stock on the item you ordered... then you'll call... and they'll 'cross-sell' you on something you 'agreed to' on the phone (all the time getting lambasted over the phone). They'll ship it, and you'll get a IDK... 50D? 40D? a couple weeks later... but the kicker is that your order paperwork will say something like *customer revised order*... You'll call again, and talk to this guido sounding guy who is in the middle of a 'roid rage... after you get heated (he is already heated), you'll get nothing out of it other than vacuous threats about what he can do with your CC info that he now case is that they agree to take the camera back for a 15% restocking fee...
    Or... A month or so afterward you *may* get all your money back (or most of it), assuming your CC (and DO NOT use a debit card!) has a decent buyer protection plan... and you've sent the outdated camera you got back to the guy...
    Bottom line is that this is a well established scam... They survive by bullying people into changing their orders, and charging outrageous amounts for accesories (and adding them onto the orders w/ or w/o customer approval -- check out the "LPE6 Professional Rapid AC/DC Charging Unit" a steal at $189.00!) Often times the whole website is geared around getting you onto the phone and verbally beating you into tangentaly agreeing (kind of) to ... something... anything. I once dealt w/ a company (years ago now) like this... maybe you could tell. ;-)
  5. Think about it--should only take a few seconds at most--why would any business sell an in demand product like the 7D for hundreds below their wholesale cost? The answer: to entice the greedy, weak and intellectually challenged for a good hosing.
    As for "excellent ratings," you do realize they pay people to plant favorable reviews...
  6. *whew* Aaaaaaand i have been talked down off THAT particular ledge. Thanks, my fellow lensheads....
    OKAY - so then what about these sweet (used) 70-200 f4 for $600. from KEH- they are connected with HERE, Anybody ever deal with them...? There's a few of them up for offer....and they are listed as being in excellent or like new...Whats up with that? Do they get any points for reliability for being connected to
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    Given that you can get it new from B&H for $74 more, I would say that is a lousy deal, although I am sure you will get the lens if you buy it from KEH. I wouldn't bother with a used one for that small a difference from new.
  8. KEH is the most reputable dealer in used photography gear in the US, if I'm not mistaken.
    And yes, Jeff is right, that's too much to pay for a used EF 70-200/4 L non-IS. How much does KEH want for the IS version? It's the better lens.
  9. They're asking $1,035- 1,169 for the IS version.......
    Wow- i usually avoid B&H as i can always find the same stuff cheaper, they are a bit on the pricey side for me....
    Jeff- do u have a link to the new at B&H...? (lol- guess i could go and look myself,
  10. i usually avoid B&H as i can always find the same stuff cheaper, they are a bit on the pricey side for me​
    If so, I think you may be destined to repeat this episode. The margins at reputable dealers on high-demand photography equipment are very thin, so the reputable ones, including B&H, usually have very similar prices. Just out of curiosity, I just searched online for the two things you mentioned, and among dealers I consider reputable, the range in prices on the 7D body was only $30, and the range on the 70-200 non-IS was a whopping $10.
  11. Here is something about this company that makes me think I don't want to buy from them.
    I understand people do enjoy doing business on the web and that this may or may not mean they are legitimate or not, but it throws up a red flag for me personally.
    Contact Us. No Company address nor a Phone Number to really contact anyone...... Think about it before you buy.
    Business Hours:
    Mon-Thurs: 9AM-8PM EST
    Fri : 9AM-3PM EST
    Sun : 11AM-5PM EST
    Sat : Closed
  12. I buy nearly everything from B&H and here is why. If you really price them out against the competitor you will notice they are usually less. If you want to buy from a reliable source B&H Video has the clout. Not to say Adorama isn't another great place to buy as well. They do have some deals every weeks you can take advantage of. KeH has some real nice used deals, and I buy from them a few times a year.
  13. I've dealt constantly with B&H and KEH. You can almost always find what you're looking for used between the two. I bought a "BGN" grade Canon 40D with 17-85mm kit and it was well worth the price ($751). The camera had a bit of dust under the plastic LCD cover, a little wear mark on the flash and I check it's shutter count at 12k. I could barely see any cosmetic difference with the lens vs a new one except that it was a little looser and had a tiny bit more creep than I assume a new one would. However this comes with the 6mos used warranty KEH has.
    Buying from a reputable dealer is worth the piece of mind for paying a little bit more in my opinion. I don't bother with eBay or anything like that anymore. When you're buying used the lenses are calibrated and camera bodies are cleaned. Also, if you ever plan on buying used, consider the source of the product. Buying from eBay can be a crapshoot unless your careful. These two companies probably receive their equipment from people who have taken good care of that equipment and want it to go to someone who will do the same.
    I've heard a good amount about Adorama too, I just haven't bought anything from them since I've been happy with KEH and B&H - I'm sure they're quite good as well.
  14. Wow- i usually avoid B&H as i can always find the same stuff cheaper, they are a bit on the pricey side for me....​
    I buy at least 75% of what I buy from B&H, at least with regard to big ticket items. I find their prices to be very competitive--and you know that you will ALWAYS get what you ordered, and you can send it back if you change your mind.
    They also ship very quickly. They are the standard most of us go to when we want to check prices, and they are usually slightly on the low side compared to other retailers.
  15. KEH is very reputable for used equipment, but I have noticed that their prices have been creeping up over the last two years or so. They do have a lot of things that are difficult to find elsewhere.
  16. No street address anywhere on the site. Not even a hint. And you'd do business with them ?
    May as well buy from a guy in a bar or a street corner.
    You deserve to loose your money if you buy from these guys.
    For what it's worth ( practically nothing ) the site is registered by someone in Madeira ( Portugal, although they have an autonomous government ).

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