IS-50 Unable to Re-load film... Please help

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by manuel_fernandes, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. This was the first problem- so i did a mid-roll re-wind
    1.IS-50 don't know what has happened; it starts as usual ( zoom moves
    ahead and back ); i put in the film; shows counter 1; but after that
    it makes a shutter clicking sound; zoom does not work; shutter button
    does not work; cannot select direct scene modes; shutter button
    presses but does not take pictures; Something is not right; but the
    camera starts and stops exactly as it did before; except for that one
    shuuter clicking sound.

    2. After mid-roll re-wind its not loading a new film; constantly
    blinks "E" the re-load/empty film indicator

    Please Help
  2. Maybe try fresh batteries and a new roll of film? If that does not work my next step would be to contact Olympus via the web.

    I had a friend who had IS-30 problems (different than yours) and they did a turn around in two or three weeks.

    Good luck!
  3. Maybe you could make the same post another six or eight times. It's bound to attract
    attention then!
  4. Hi there, I happen to own an IS-1000(IS-1) and these cameras have a reputation for the following. 1. Excellent optical performance due to the ED Element in the lenses. 2. If you pop up the flash just by sliding back the level the small plastic catch will eventually break - so hold the popup flash down with your thumb or your finger will you GENTLY release the flash - expensive repair job for a small plastic catch the size of a pin-head. 3. The zoom motor may after a few years need replacing so use it don't abuse it. 4. THEY ARE NOTORIOUSLY DIFFICUILT to load the film - patinets and practice. - MID ROLL FILM CHANGE - The camera will usually feed the film leader right back into the canaster so you need something called a FILM LEADER EXTRACTER which is a very thin set of tongs that you slide into the canaster to extract the film leader for re-loading. These are cheap from your local photo store. As far as your other problems I am unable to help except to say that make sure your film leader is in good condition with no damage to the perforations. The best photos I have ever taken were with Olympus IS series cameras esp VELVIA 50. I would not sell. So percervere. Good luck from New Zealand.Cheers Jason

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