Is 2 of each enough, or 1 too many?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by chauncey_walden, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. In posting on the Rollei 35 thread that I had 2 of them, I got to thinking about how many other cameras that I had 2 of and did I really need 2 of them? One of the Rolleis could go, but would it be the classic German Tessar or the niftier Singapore Sonnar? Of the 2 Voigtlander Prominent I's, both with the 50mm f/1.5 Noktons, I would keep the later one with lever wind. As far as the 2 Voigtlander Vitessas, should I keep the A1 with the 50mm f/2 Ultron or the L4 with the meter and 50mm f/2.8 Color-Skopar? For the Retina IIIc's, the somewhat nicer looking one or the one that just had a shutter CLA at Flutots? I have a near mint Minolta Autocord with meter but I use another one all the time. I'd keep both Leica III's the C with the older generation lenses and the F with the newer ones. I'd keep both Zeiss Ikonta A's just because I love them too much. One of the Voigtlander Brillants could go and maybe one of the Vitomatics (love those Vitomatics too!). The Nikon F and the F2 aren't really the same. The safe has only so much room. What should I do?
  2. Buy a bigger safe. LOL
    Mike :D
  3. and stop talking crazy talk.
  4. I would keep them all and get nice Vitomatic IIa :)
  5. Hi Chauncy
    I have three retina IIc's and two nikon F2's. The beauty of having multiple bodies is that you can load each with different film. The retinas are excellent because they're small. I have one set up for b&w, with a light yellow filter permanently in place, to boost the already good contrast of the xenon 2.8. So yes, get a bigger safe.
  6. I have four Olympus XA2's and two XA's (not counting broken ones), and three Nikon F's (not counting the parts one). I never let a cheap XA get away. I just realized I also have two Konica T3's and two Voigtlander Vitomatic II's, two Retinettes and two "Classic II's." I also have an indeterminate number of Olympus Stylus zooms of various ranges.
    It's not an addiction. I can stop any time. Really.
  7. Two of each is a nice start. Not Classic Manual Cameras, but I have three T90s (and counting), three EOS RTs, four EOS 630s, four or five XD11s, three AT-1s, three Stylus Epics, four Holgas, and seven (!) FTbn bodies. I always figure if one dies I have plenty of backups.
  8. I'm somehow reminded of a very old joke I heard as a kid.
    A person is visiting an insane asylum, and asks a patient why he's there. The patient says "I'm here because I really love waffles." The visitor says "That doesn't seem all that crazy," to which the patient replies, "I'm so glad you think so. Would you like to see my collection? I have a whole closet full."
  9. I only have two cameras where I have duplicates. They're both used for spare parts.
  10. I think you should stand by the word of God Noah! You were told to take in the pairs... the storm may yet come.. and like the others said..get a bigger Ark!
  11. Chauncey, I used to acquire "spare" lenses against the evil day when something bad happened to the one(s) I use and in the hope that the darkness in the closet would encourage them to reproduce. No matings so far, neither like with like nor unexpected hybridization. I've started getting rid of the extras, am having a really hard time convincing myself that the spare 38/4.5 Biogon must go. It would be nice to have the money it would bring but I'm not sure that replacing the one I still sometimes use would be possible.
    For curiosity, why do you have all of those cameras that do essentially the same thing? To my taste (clearly not yours) one of most of them is too many, although I do have a pair of Retinas (Ib, IB) that both need repair.
    "I love them" is a perfectly good answer. So is "I like to have them around."
  12. I acquired 6 Sears and Ricoh TLS bodies so far. Each is slightly different, and I'm sure I'll find several more variations.
    Not so long ago I had multiple Nikon FM and FM2s for work, obviously. Damn good bodies that took a severe beating and never quit.
    Having multiples of Voigtlander models is grounds for divorce, says my wife ! One of each is all she can stand at the moment. I'll sell a crummier Bessa or two when I need to get on her good side.
  13. Only two? ? ?
  14. I really hate to see people suffer so much mental anguish. Life is too short the have to put up with such angest. So I'll tell you what, you send both the rollies to me and when you work out which one you miss the most I'll send it back. Better yet, send me your whole kit and take up meditation, you'll be much more relaxed. I mean it's obvious that you don't really like photography anyway, so why torture yourself. :)
    What was your problem again?
  15. Dan, sometimes it is as simple as "I always know what I like, but don't always know what I have." ;-)
  16. Chauncey Walden , Mar 02, 2011; 06:38 p.m.
    Dan, sometimes it is as simple as "I always know what I like, but don't always know what I have." ;-)​
    Truth. But I'm more prone to buying scattered bits from all my hobbies than I am to own backups. My most serious shooting is always done with a Hasselblad and an 80mm or 150mm lens. I have never felt the need to own a backup, nor do I have a desire for any additional lenses, because I just plain won't use them enough to justify buying them.
    But yet I'm guilty of spending money on recording equipment I don't use, buying guns I don't need, and lusting after lenses I'll barely use for my Nikon DSLR when I should be saving up money for a replacement body.
    Backwards, I know.
  17. Two fer.... got me thinking. At one time I probably had a dozen Nikon F bodies. I beat them up pretty badly even thought hey were built like tanks. There were usually two or three that were back to Nikon for repairs. I always liked to have three ready to grab and shoot. At least one to pass to an assistant to reload and one for back up in case one broke while on location. I'm glad I'm not doing that any more.
  18. You know, I've been kind of wondering about this. I have a pretty big collection of cameras now...and now I'm starting to wonder that if there are any cameras that I REALLY like, if I should have two of them just in case. Like maybe keep one as a backup or for spare parts or something. I started thinking about that after I started a collection of Argus C3's. (I swear, I didn't plan it that way! I got one 4 years ago as my first manual camera, then I came across one really cheap in an antique store. Then a friend gave me one. You get the idea).

    Then I got my first folding camera, a Zeiss Ikon Nettar. And of course, I had to get another folding camera. And so I got a Zeiss Ikon 515/16. And I really loved that one. Now I'm wondering if I should get a backup one. Then there's my Yashica A...and I haven't even mentioned all my Polaroid Land cameras.

    I could go on and on. And you know what, I partly blame you guys. You got me hooked.

    This is where I got started. Way back 4 years ago, when I didn't know anything at all about photography other than snapshots and I didn't even know how to use manual exposure. I was posting a topic about how to use my Argus C3 :)
  19. Buy as many as you want. Of course, this comes from a guy who couldn't tell you how many cameras, lenses and even flashes I own.
  20. Keep them, they're small. I'd say if you had two German ones, or two Sonnar's, sure. But one of each isn't bad. I've owned 3 Rollei 35's over the years, and sold them all. They're nice but I don't miss them at all.

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