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  1. Ok I have played around with shooting IR with my D100 and D2h. I have
    had some good results and some not so good results. It�s hard to
    frame when you have that black filter on the lens. I stumbled across
    these folks

    They will convert my D100 to a camera that shoots only IR. It�s not
    cheep but the filters not to cheep either.

    I was wondering if any one had there camera converted and how well it
    works. I know what they say on their site I am looking for input from
    other sources.

    Thanks for any input.

  3. Thanks for the link Vivek

    I good article If I am lucky I may hear from people who have done this or had it done

  4. You are welcome , Michael. AFAIK, Eric is the only one on who uses a dedicated (modified) dSLR (in addition to a passing mention by Bjorn).

    The IR filter used there is quite cheap, really.
  5. In the link above, you'll find my page on my experiance with the dedicated IR D70. If shifted to Nikon from Canon for the conversion, and as much as I grumble about the Nikon system, I would NEVER go back, as the IR camera is so wonderful to work with. Just for the record, Nikon Canada did the conversion for me, and has done it for a couple of other people I know, so depending on where you are, that might be an option. The filter cost me under $10 US, and would do two cameras.

    The major advantage of the converted camera are a) being able to see through the lens as you photograph b) having a full ISO sensitivity (usually about 1 stop more than the rated ISO), and c) being able to hack the AF system for accuate focus, even wide-open with a 50mm f/1.4. The final aspect is what made me switch from Canon to Nikon - being able to accurately AF with a portrait lens opened up a whole new kind of IR image for me.

    Eric Boutilier-Brown
  6. Beautiful image, Eric. Jpg would have been easier to see.

  7. Inspired by Bjorn and Eric, I asked Nikon Hong Kong if they would do a conversion for me, provided I supplied the filter (to be purchased from Life Pixel). I explained that I understood they couldn't guarantee the camera would work. They said No, as I expected. So I'm considering sending a D70s to Life Pixel. I've heard of people doing it successfully themselves, but I'd prefer to have it done by someone experienced.
  8. Thanks for everyones input.

    Great shot Eric

  9. I'm having a conversion done by Life Pixel as we speak. Thom Hogan (By
    shows an IR image from a Life Pixel converted D70. A friend in Canada just had her D100
    converted by them. Thats all the experiences that I know of.

    I have been shooting IR with a Minolta 7 and filter with some success but I've seen work by
    George Lepp and otheres on converted Canon DSLRs and it was time to get more serious.
  10. Thanks for the information Howard.

    Would you be good enough to let me know how you like the camera after the conversion?



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