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Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by stella_blunt, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Im looking for the best portfolio app for ipad2 . any suggestions?
  2. just curious, what's lacking in the photos app that comes installed with the ipad2?

    works great, i've never had an art director or client wonder why my ipad presentation was lacking
    because i did not have a $10 aftermarket app. . . I like the the fact that it's dirt simple, here's the photo,
    full frame, swipe to the next one . . .
  3. I use the app called... Portfolio. The web site is here.

    It does have advantages over the canned Apple photo gallery software, mostly in that it provides a bit of locked-down-edness that can prevent a casual viewer from doing things like deleting your display or wandering off into folders you'd rather not show them. It provides for a nice collection of customized splash screens and sub-gallery thumbnails, can optimize those for portrait/landscape orientation of the device, etc.

    If I'm holding the device and showing someone pictures, the vanilla Photos app is just fine. But if I want them to not see everything that's in the synced camera roll, the stuff that's rattling around scratch/working folders, etc., then something that gives me total control over the presenation layer is a good thing. So far, that's the one I like. It ain't about the $10.
  4. +1 for Portfolio. Excellent app. Use Dropbox to get content on your iPad; Portfolio has full integration with it.
  5. I use Foliobook. The website is here. It's pretty easy to customize and brand and works as advertised...

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