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Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by jordan2240, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Fellow netters, just wanted to put out an invitation to participate in the Weekly Post-Processing Challenge in the digital darkroom forum. I suspect it's a forum that doesn't get the heavy readership this one might, and many may not be aware of the thread's existence. All skill levels are welcome, even if you've never engaged in any 'serious' post-processing (i.e. processing using computer software after the shot is taken).
    In a nutshell, here's how it works. On Sunday, a 'challenger' posts a photo that has not had any out-of-camera processing work done (if you shoot raw, you'll convert the raw to jpeg prior to posting), and participants will download it, work on it, then upload their processed versions with at least a brief explanation of what was done. The 'challenge' photo itself does not have to present any specific challenging exposure, but can be one that you'd simply like to see what others would do with, though presenting one with a challenging exposure is fine as well. Discussion about the edits is encouraged.
    To post a challenge photo, you would include both an in-thread version (ie. one that is no more the 700 pixels on the longest end) and a larger version of around 1500 on the long end that will post as a link for others to download. If you are unfamiliar with how to do that, feel free to ask (there are other methods to posting a larger shot as well, but this is the simplest). Those who participate in editing the shot will upload their processed versions so they display in the thread. There are some very talented 'post-processors' out here, but no one should feel intimidated into not participating, as it is a friendly place where everyone is just having fun and maybe learning a thing or two.
    So hop on over, and at least give it a look. If you think you'd enjoy posting a challenge, just respond to the 'weekly Wednesday solicitation for volunteers' I included in each week's thread, but all are welcome to participate whether you want to post a challenge or not.
    Moderators, hope you don't mind me putting this out here. If I've broken any rules, I apologize.
  2. Go, Bill!
  3. This thread is a nice way to see a lot of approaches in one location. As the the specifics are explained, it's easy to follow and learn. I'm not much of a post processors , so I enjoy seeing what others do. It's a cool thread and I'm glad that Bill came up with the idea.

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