Inverted Flash Bracket?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by brianbarksdale, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Does anyone know of a good inverted flash bracket for a monopod, or have instructions to make one? I’d like to invert my Canon 550 EX Speedlight for night football. I have a flash battery pack w/ Canon flash cord.
    Brian Barksdale
  2. I'm feeling dense. What do mean by inverted. Do you mean abracket that puts the flash below the camera?
  3. Ellis,
    My words were not so clear. The flash is placed upside down attached to a monopod, under the camera, with an extension cord. The intent is to direct the flash up under the player’s helmet. I’ve seen this done before, but I haven’t had an opportunity to 1) ask and 2) see a picture of the bracket.
  4. If you use a straight bracket with a removable shoe, you can simply mount the shoe on the underside.
  5. Mukul Dube,
    Forgive the ignorance, a "straight bracket," not sure what type of bracket that is with a monopod? Thank you for your time.
    Brian Barksdale
  6. What you really want is a powerful ring flash like the Alien Bees ABR 800 but unless you like like really guessing at
    exposures while shooting action that won't be a good solution.

    This puts the flash down at the height of
    the lens and might work for you.
  7. Here we are. There is a 1/4" screw at each end. Camera goes at right end, flash shoe goes at left. The flash will project downwards. Monopod is screwed into the middle.
  8. Here is a proper illustration. I left out the flash extension cord so as to avoid clutter. If camera and flash are both turned 90 degrees anti-clockwise, the flash will be in front of the lens and lower than it. However, the "bracket" may enter the picture. There are S-shaped "brackets" available which may be better. If you procure the smaller parts, all you need is a long, flat piece of metal, a drill and a tap.
  9. Gentlemen,
    Thank you for your time and patience in this forum. I wish I had a picture (the irony right:0) of the setup. I'm shooting a 7D on a 400mm F2.8L w/ monopod. So I'm trying to attach the flash bracket w/ upside down flash to the monopod, under the camera lens.
    Brian Barksdale
  10. Look at this:

    Add any simple small Arca-Swiss type quick release plate.

    Attach the rail to your lens tripod mount foot with two screws and attach the clamp to the rail's lower dovetail.

    The plate will screw in to the base of your cable and fit into the clamp.The monopod can screw into the threaded receiver on the
    rail or you might choose to get a QR clamp for the monopod.

    Because these components are modular you can use them for other work as well.
  11. Fellow Photographers,
    After some additional research I found an article on SportShooter that had the answer. Highland wrote, "Another vote for mounting the flash beneath on a monopod. Skip the SuperClamp. Go to a hardware store, buy a simply L corner bracket with the legs about 2 in. They are predrilled with 1/4 in holes. Two hose clamps from the automotive section is all you need to hold it on. Use a 1/4 thumbscrew to attach an off shoe cord and your set. I mount mine upside down for the additional separation. Your cost = less than $5 and it saves the weight of the clamp/ballhead." This little trick worked great. Unfortunately the high school had some power issues and could not play the second half in the dark. Prepared as I was, I guess I'll have to go back and shoot again next week. Darn right:0) I'll post some pictures of my contraption next shoot.
    Brian Barksdale
  12. Awesome DIY solution.

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