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  1. Dear forum-friends,

    I just registered and thought I?d introduce myself briefly.
    I?m a professional musician, playing in baroque orchestras (you know, handel etc.), chamber ensembles
    and a bit solo (
    contains sound samples)

    I am using photos for PA uses and want to learn how to make pictures myself. A "galery" of pictures on my
    computer that I like is found here, comments welcome.
  2. Nice. You can view my photos of the show for orchestra "Orpheus Britannicus" (Purcell's Fairy Queen) in my portfolio. I'll visit your site from time to time; interesting photos you have there. Regards.
  3. Lautenists are a rare breed; I've never met one before. If I ever get to Germany, I'll bring my tenor recorder. We can play trios.

    Enjoy It's a great place to learn photography.
  4. Thanks for the welcome. I like the cello esp. in the fairy queen photos (I just love the cello,
    Also, I have - believe it - never played with a tenor recorder so far, that?s also very rare!
  5. I don't know what a "baroque orchestra" is but that's ok, I don't think it will help me with the answer anyway. The problem is I don't know what "PA" is either. I suppose all I can tell you at this moment is all you really need is a camera with a timer, a tripod or at least something to set the camera on top of and some very basic understanding of photography. You could just hire someone if you need pro shots. Shay.

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