Introducing the new 'Lacto-Light' diffuser

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  1. Inspired by this thread, I set about designing and making a new style of flash diffuser - see illustration below of prototype.
    For the dedicated strobist, this pint-sized yet versatile modifier provides a milky-smooth light and makes a superb complement to any lens; adding a creamy bokeh effect. Cool, fresh and delicious lighting is guaranteed - indoors or out.
    With eco-friendly credentials, 100% recycled materials are used in its production, and in turn the Lacto-Light (TM) may be recycled itself after use.
    No fixed price point has yet been established. However the Lacto-Light (TM) will be aimed at the cost-conscious photographer, and as an added introductory incentive each Lacto-Light comes with a free natural protein drink containing no artificial additives or sweeteners.
    For the more demanding photographer a larger sized version is under development; to be called the 'Full-Fat Lacto-Light'
  2. Additional information: As seen in this side view; the Lacto-Light incorporates a convenient adjustment handle. The cavity above the handle can be fitted with additional white or silver reflector cards (sold separately) to throw the light more forward, thus saving flash energy.
    BTW, for those that followed the link above. The photographer seen in this picture, is doing it all wrong. The tongue should not be stuck out in that fashion, but instead be planted firmly in the cheek.
  3. Irascible!
    Back in the day when Gary Fong first started hawking his "Fong Dong" I too experimented will all sizes and shapes of clear and cloudy plastic bottles. The best was a circular tub from some face-cleaning pads my daughter had lying around. I then learned how to use my flash--and quit hoping for cheap miracles--and gave up my inventor career!
    Does the Lacto-Light come with any built-in "gells", say pink, brown or cloudy?
  4. Back when I shot a lot of flashed images, my go to setup was a Vivitar 283 with the bracket to hold an 8x10 white side of grey card. Good thing you could buy the metal foot for the flash, that contraption softened the light nicely, but took it's toll on the flash foot.
  5. "Does the Lacto-Light come with any built-in "gells", say pink, brown or cloudy?" - Depends how long you leave the milk lying around in it before cleaning it out!
  6. A beautifully crafted object Rodeo Joe! well done - top marks, your commitment to our entertainment deserves overwhelming praise.
  7. Okay, "spill it," Joe. Which brand, and retailer can the OEM version be found? I don't want to pay "Gary Fong" prices for what I can buy at 7-11 for 1/1,000th the cost. I know you put a lot of thought and engineering into this, but I think we all deserve a fair "shake."
  8. You're really milking this joke.
  9. Incidentally, you get a free flash diffuser with every bottle of rubbing alcohol. You can even buy the green dyed stuff for balancing some fluorescent and other weird lighting.
    Seriously, if you're ever caught without a diffuser, just go to the nearest store, buy a container of isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. Many are just the right size for a flash head. Dump the contents. It'll dry in a few minutes, quicker if you wipe the interior and blow on it or let the wind do the trick. Cut it with a pocket knife or scissors. A bit of tape will secure it. Works as well as the Nikon doodad for my SB-800, other than the automagic control of the microswitch that adjusts the position of the flash inside the head - which you can do manually anyway.
  10. Pity the lactose intolerant !
  11. Ralph, you can make whatever flavour of 'shake' you like with the contents of the Lacto-Light. Whether it's fair or not is up to you to negotiate the best price with your local supplier. There's no RRP or minimum price restriction in place. In fact you might easily be able to find one discarded in a dumpster near you. Do take biohazard precautions though if trawling for free samples.
    "Pity the lactose intolerant !" - Well, so long it's been good to soya!
  12. Thx Joe,
    This is a nice addition to my applepie-tin reflector !
  13. Thanks for sharing!

    LactoQuest for the dairy happy.
  14. Ben DeSoto of the Houston Chronicle used both quart and gallon size lacto-lum diffusers for awhile.

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