Intervalometer on the 7D = Me being Lazy

Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by ricardovaste, May 6, 2008.

  1. After my A100 'conked' out the other day, I had a play with my dads 7D (which has a new shutter assembly and aperture base pin so should last a fair while).
    Before hand I had read up on the A700 and turned to Hohners's review... I found it a perfect review for me, mainly because I used the dynax 7 for a couple of years and loved it and I have access to a 7D so the POV was easy to relate to.
    Anyway, while reading the review I came across this feature called an 'Intervalometer' that is featured on the 7D. I had no idea what it was so looked it up. After realising that it was a pretty nice feature to have on a camera, especially a digital where film expense is no an issue.
    I had placed a fork/spade in the garden for some common birds (robin & greenfinch) to purch on a few weeks ago. They had now taken to it and so i placed the tripod a couple of meters away from it with the 7D and Tokina 300/2.8 AT-X PRO. I prefoced on the stale, set it to ISO400, f/5. I set the interalometer to fire every 30 seconds for 240 shots. And so it went away! I thought this might be fun to see if this interesting feature had any real life use... and well, generally it doesnt for me. But it can certainl do a job!
    I went and made lunch for a few people and when i returned I have many, many shot of the top of the stale... then every now and then a little robin would appear!
    Fun to use... as of course, you dont really have to do anything :)
    Anyone else found a similar or any use for this feature over the years?
    Also, i must admit, after using the 7D for a bit, experiencing its AF performance and IQ at different ISO's, i wish i would have purchased it over the A100 8months ago - a far better camera IMHO.
    Here are some lazy shots!
    All the best
  2. You're certainly no "bird brain", Rich! Nice pics! Nice bokeh too.
  3. LOL Nice pun Steve :)
    Glad you liked them :). The bokeh on this lens isnt that good, it just worked very well here because of the soft lighting it seems.
    Look forward to hearing of anyone else's use of this feature still...
    In the meantime, i got the goldfinch shot i'd been trying to get for the last month and a half today! Just a shame his pose doesnt compliment the composition too well and you cant see more of his 'golden tail', but im quite happy with it non the less :)
  4. Ah yes, the 7D...a camera ahead of its time in some ways...still quite capable today. And like many things ahead of their time, it was scoffed at by the masses as "too expensive", etc...and the demise of Minolta is history. :)<BR><BR>
    But I digress...wonderful photos, Rich! Things are just barely starting to warm up in my part of the world, so maybe I be doing some photography in the next month again.<BR>
  5. Intervalometers are great. I never really used the one on the 7D, but I'm sure it's fine depending on what you want to do. I use an external one for doing time lapse video and it's awesome. Bad thing about the 7D is that it will not process the images fast enough for some reason. With video 6MP is overkill so I use the smallest JPEG setting and it STILL won't write quickly enough, so a lot of times I still use my a700.

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