Interesting Vegetables

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  1. . . Blue Camas. Camas, Washington.
    Camas bulbs were an important food source for Native Americans. Blue Camas was harvested when in bloom in spring or early summer. After being harvested the bulbs were pit-roasted or boiled. A pit-cooked camas bulb looks and tastes something like baked sweet potato, but sweeter.
    [​IMG]. . Blue Camas. Camas, Washington by Reinhold S., on Flickr. . Neg# PLFL 004. Mamiya RB67, 180mm, Yg filter, PXP film. 1961
  2. gardeners arranging vertical (vegetable) garden. Posted some similar time before.
    0041a Jardinero Grúa Jardín Vertical-CFDn28.jpg
    Canon FDn 28 on Fuji X-P1​
  3. Pear-shaped-5e.jpg
    "Come, my fox, my flower! I have some very definite pear-shaped ideas that I'd like to discuss with thee."

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