Interesting "Then and Now" Pictures

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    Fun & interesting! Thanks!
  2. I like it! Fun stuff there for sure.
  3. Fun , Interesting and Innovative for sure , (no arguments from me).
    But what will people from the future think when only the pictures remain and the explanations of what was done to make these pictures have been lost along the wayside , (always presuming of course that these digital pictues will actually last for an appreciably long time).
    In my opinion this blows the credibility of "modern photography" clean out the widow , (what is new in the world) ?.
    Snoopy the cartoon dog would have said "Curse you Photoshop".

    But I suppose if it makes money.................
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  4. Perhaps people from the future will have understood the many different aspects of photography, both early and modern. It’s possible they will realize that some photos were accurate, some artistic, some in fun, some propagandistic, some journalistic, some straight, some manipulated. They, like us, might have some knowledge of culture and history that miraculously gets passed down from one generation to the next. They might most of the time easily recognize which type of photo is which while at other times needing to work hard to figure out which is which or even coming to the conclusion that they don’t always know which is which.

    Ahh, the epistemological uncertainties of life.

    Now, excuse me. Ive got to get back to my telescope. I’m scouring the skies for Arrakis while my wife is trying to bake a loaf of bread as big as they used to make ‘em in the 1950s …

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