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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by sprouty, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. As if the administration doesn't have enough to do...would it be at
    all possible to add a "field" for a short blurb of text that showed up
    next to each person on my list of interesting people?

    Since I mark people as interesting for different reasons, I was
    thinking how nice it might be to remind myself that so-and-so was the
    person who does great holgaroid work or that this person is just
    brilliant when it comes to black and white printing technique.

    Would anyone else find this useful?
  2. I would find that useful.
  3. That does sound like a great idea.
  4. I think with would be very useful indeed.
  5. With? Sorry " would be..."
  6. Very Useful indeed ...
  7. Yes, like a mini notepad.
  8. i'd go for that. i have a lot of people marked as interesting and i would like a way to sort it out.

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