Interchangeable lens mounts for leaf-shutter cameras

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  1. Hi, Folks,
    Through the years I have collected various cameras that use the Compur Deckel and Prontor-SVS interchangeable lens mounts, both in-body leaf-shutter lens mounts for 35mm film cameras. I have posted some shots of the cameras, the body mount, and the lens mount here:
    Deckel Mount:
    Prontor-SVS Mount:
    And a collection of Braun cameras which used both Deckel and Prontor-SVS in its product line:
    The Deckel mount actually has two types, one for rangefinders only, such as Braun Colorette and Voigtländer Vitessa T, which does not have auto-diaphragm mechanism, and one for both reflex and rangefinder cameras, which has the auto-diaphragm mechanism but sometimes without the rangefinder coupling cam when intended for reflex cameras. Among the latter, different camera makers shaped the lip on the mount in ever so delicately different ways to make them non-interchangeable across brands. Easily defeatable, of course. With the photos, maybe someone can come up with a universal pattern for the lip to turn it into a Retina-Bessamatic-Iloca-Braun Reflex-Edixa-Balda universal mount!
    I can only find two variations of the Prontor-SVS mount, one for the Braun Paxette Super III series and one for the King Regula series. No doubt Prontor wanted to compete against Compur, but wasn't very successful.
    There don't seem to be many Japanese makers of interchangeable in-body leaf-shutter rangefinder cameras. Aires 35-V, Minolta Super A, and Olympus Ace are the three I know. Interestingly Olympus claimed its camera was the first of its kind in Japan, but as far as I know, Minolta Super A came out in 1957, and Olympus Ace came out in 1958.
  2. Kowa made the SE series of leaf shutter SLRs with interchangeable lenses. Topcon also made leaf shutter SLRs with interchangeable lenses. There were also leaf shutter SLRs with fixed lenses. These were not nearly as reliable as the SLRs which had focal plans shutters and interchangeable lenses. The Canon EX EE and EX Auto cameras had interhcangeable lens fronts but focal plane shutters. This was a more reliable set-up even if there were only four focal lengths: 35/50/95/125.
  3. Jeff,
    Even by including SLRs, there don't seem to be many Japanese made interchangeable lens leaf-shutter cameras. On the other hand, plenty of them were made in East and West Germany, and some in the US. I think I read an earlier post here about it. From top of my head, there are (not including the Deckel and Prontor-SVS mount models and the Braun Paxette I and II series):
    Agfa Ambi-Silette
    Leidolf Lordomat
    Voss Diax
    Aka Akarex
    Voigtländer Prominent
    Some Kodak Retina folders (not fully interchangeable lens)
    Altissa Altix (non rangefinder)
    Argus C-3
    Argus C-4 Geiss modified
    Argus C-44

    Agfa Agfaflex
    Zeiss Ikon Contaflex (not fully interchangeable lens)
  4. Ones I have that are missing from your list:
    • Kodak Signet 80
    • Neidig/DeJur D-3 (uses the same 39mm screw mount as Braun Paxette)
    • Anscomark M (aka Ricoh 999, made in Japan)
    Others I can think of:
    • Kodak Retina Reflex (SLR)
    • Argus C-33
    If you want to count 126 cameras, that adds the
    • Kodak Instamatic Reflex
    • Rollei SL26
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    Is not the Canon Demi C a leaf shutter. Granted its not a normal interchangable lens but it thinks it is.

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