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  1. On a recent vacation I had an instant old-fashioned photograph taken at
    a tourist area that I found to be quite interesting.  The photograph
    was appearantly taken using a 100-year old Kodak and instant process
    paper (Agfa).  I am a novice when it comes to cameras, but would like
    to try to duplicate that process.


    What type of view camera would you recommend (moderate price, easy to


    Is it difficult to reproduce instant photographs that have an
    old-fashioned appearance?
  2. The only instant process I am familiar with are the
    polaroid films. They come in 4x5 and 8x10 sizes in
    different varieties. There is a recent film which gives
    you sepia prints which would certainly look old-fashioned.
    When I visited Virginia City, NV last year I noticed that
    at a store they were making instant old-fashioned photos,
    using a material which was not polaroid. it might be the
    agfa material that you've seen, but i have no details about
    A view camera which could work well for doing this kind
    of work 4x5 is the speed graphic. It's straighforward to use and
    very cheap compared to the other cameras. It lacks the
    adjustment capacities of more sophisticated cameras, but you won't
    need them if your goal is to produce an instant print.
    See the link on my page for a lot of information.

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