instant flex t70 tlr....instant film tlr questions

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  1. guys
    have u seen this camera i got a suggested post tonight on face book and just had to watch it
    it looks nice
    firstly what do u think of this camera have any of you used one
    then i had a thought whats the chances of them making an apsc sized sensor tlr version
    all comments welcome
    id like to know what you guys in the classic manual camera section think as i post here myself
    i know its a digital question but i still would like to know what u think
    regards Andrew
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  2. I have got one of these. It's fun to pass around and shoot as entertainment at a party or in the pub. That seems to be mostly the use Fuji's own Instax cameras as well, which of course use the same film. I would never entrust a once-in-a-lifetime shooting opportunity to any camera armed with Instax film, of course. That said, if you're going to shoot Instax at all, the InstantFlex does it better, since it has full manual aperture and focus, unlike most (all?) of Fuji's own cameras, and seemingly a somewhat better lens. Given the InstantFlex is a mostly plastic beast, the fit and finish are surprisingly good. You want the Mark II model, which has a much improved focusing screen. I have a Mark I, but got the available focusing screen upgrade. The original screen was so dim that it significantly impaired indoor use.

    I don't closely follow Mint's plans, but I'd be surprised if they make a digi version of this camera. Their whole business appears to be based on fanatical instant film enthusiasm. They were doing Polaroid retrofits/rebuilds before they started making the InstantFlex.

  3. It would be great if Mint makes a TLR for the the new square format Instax film. The Fuji SQ10 is a hybrid instead of pure instant film camera.
  4. I think a TLR combining film and digital would be interesting. Top lens (normally viewing) is the imaging lens for the digital part. The LCD screen is under the flip up hood. The bottom lens is the taking lens for the film (preferably 120). In film mode the digital view is used to focus. Camera could shoot either film or digital or both at the same time. Interesting, but probably not practical.

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