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  1. Hi all,
    after a long time I revived my old trustworthy Mamiya RB67 (pro S) to make some portraits (I think I'm not very good to make portraits but I want to try it anyway). I tried to replicate the soft transition from sharp to unsharp with my APS-C digital camera, but I don't like it. I still think the MF blows it away.
    Some of the pictures you can see in this post: Please do not judge the quality of the portraits, it was just an impromtu session without any preparations.
    I tried to replicate the effect with an 85mm f/1.4 lens, but it still does not fit in my equation.
    What bothers me is the long waiting time for the developped films to be returned to me (I have to post them and wait about two weeks :(
    So here is my question: is there a possibility to find an instant film holder to fit any of the very few instant films available today? Which holder and which film? Not nessesary colour, can be BW but then possibly with a negative. I hope there are some of you who can help me. I can't make a reliable conclusion by searching the web :(
    Regards and happy holidays to you all. Miha.
  2. Miha, a Polaroid back for the RB exists, I have one. Can't remember who makes it and can't find mine to check ATM, but it should be findable on eBay or KEH. [Did NPC make them?]
    You should know a few things...
    The back uses peel-apart film. For Polaroid that's something like 669. Polaroid film is only available outdated and very expensive. Fuji makes FP-100C color film, still expensive but at least available; I believe it's stopping/has stopped production of B&W instant film.
    That's the 'good' news. Assuming you find the back and get the film, you will be surprised to find that the resulting image is the same size as your negative would be i.e. 6x7. This is a tiny image that partly fills the peel-apart one. The idea is to show the basics of your composition and exposure settings, which might be useful for you; it was never for getting a final image. I suppose you could scan it.
  3. Availability for Fuji instant Pack Film is still good, and is still being produced, (3.25 X 4.25 size).
    I really don't find Fuji Pack film to be very expensive. Current price range is .85 cents to $1.70 USD per shot.
    Of the suppliers listed below, only one firm is currently out of color and two are out of black & white.
    It appears new supplies/shipments are due-in, JAN 2014.
    Freestyle Photo Supply:
    B&H Photo:
    Blue Moon Camera:
    Adorama Camera:
    Glazer's Camera:
    Midwest Photo Exchange:
    Samy's Camera:,-10-exposures/3169.html,-10-exposures/3168.html

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