installing Dk-19 eyecup?

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  1. the eyecup came with a rubber eyecup and metal band that sits around the backside(not the part you put your eye on. on the D3s there is a rubber ring but its not turning. can I remove the rubber ring that cover the metal ring? I dont see any threading for the rubber cup.
    is there an eyecup, the same size with threading on the back of it installed already? meaning, take out the ring on the camera, put it on the side, then just screw the new eyecup in...
  2. Yes, I think so. There must be a threaded part in the camera, so you can screw the DK-19 on it. I don`t have a D3S but it must be like on every other camera, I did it on every camera I have since early eighties.
    Maybe the "non-turning ring" is too tight. I try to remember that the rubber cover all the surfaces on the metal part and is glued, so if you try to remove it without unscrewing you could break it. Try it again, maybe the rubber get stucked to the camera`s body.
  3. I removed the rubber ring that covers the round metal piece that sits in the camera. ill try some vise lock pliers to twist it off. but regarding the rubber eyecup I got. where is the threading for that?
    so my understanding is, remove the threaded piece from the camera, mount the rubber eyecup/metal ring on the eye hole. then install the threaded ring I took off the camera to sandwich the 3 pieces together?
  4. Right. Once the camera`s eyepiece`s window is clean and "naked", you should place the rubber cup with the metal ring part over the eyepiece window, and screw the threaded eyepiece on the eyepiece window`s thread to hold it all together.
    I think the DK-19 came in two parts (rubber cup and a metal cover), without the threaded eyepiece, so you have to use the original one who came with the camera.
  5. Bravo. Will maybe use a drop of lubricant around to loosen it. I have some needle syringes that diabetics use ( not me)
    that i bought for small things like this. Will put a slight drop And smear it around to see if tgat helps. Cheers!
  6. Be careful with lubricant! It could enter inside an unwanted area! Notice that the thread is in the inner side of the eyepiece`s window.
    How do you removed the original eyepiece`s rubber ring? I think the only way is to unscrew it.
  7. Here is a sketch... At top is the pentaprism housing. The "metal ring" plus the "rubber cup" (=DK-19), are the replacement of the original rubber ring.
  8. Stop! You have to close the viewfinder blind to release the original eyepiece. Flip the lever, and it should unscrew easily. Do not use tools!
  9. Will try it when i get home. Great diagram!! Ok will try this first before lubricating! Thanks guys so much
  10. I believe this is also in the manual, so believe Ralph. Actually the construction is quite clever, but not obvious for a first time user.
    Stop! You have to close the viewfinder blind to release the original eyepiece. Flip the lever, and it should unscrew easily. Do not use tools!​
  11. Yes, the viewfinder blind lever also act as a lock for the eyepiece. It must be closed to release the eyepiece. My excuses, I missed to mention this.
  12. Ralph is correct. I have the same eye piece and camera.
    I was in panick mode when you mentioned pliers. You only
    need to close the view finder blind and you will be good to
    go. Pliers may damage your camera. I have three Nikons
    with the same eye piece that I have installed DK-19 eye
    cups on. You have to close the blind on all of them to do
    the install.
  13. Keep an eye on the cup once installed - even though the viewfinder shutter prevents un-threading, the cup can work itself free after rubbing on your shirt or going in & out of a camera bag.
    It's just not a very secure way to attach a eyecup, but that's what keeps sales up.
  14. Eric, the front metal ring help to avoid this. Without it, the cup easily goes out. Do you have the cup properly installed?
  15. I don't have a D2x anymore, but used to find part of the cup coming out from the ring/eyepiece. It was installed correctly and snug in the finder.

    I think the same design was DK-2 for the F5, and the rubber was much more firm; I never had a problem with that other than more work than necessary to put it on.
    If the cameras didn't have counter-sunk threads, the DK-6 for the N8008/N90/F100 (and even F4) has a better attachment system.
  16. got it out and installed the eyecup. works well now. Jose, the diagram helped a lot. thank you. Ralph thanks for mentioning the VF curtain. thank you guys. fantastic!

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