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  1. I am new to photography, and looking for any advice on shooting formats for instagram on a dslr (d550).
    While my shots are turning out ok, i am unbale to upload the full shot without it bring cut/cropped which takes away the purpose of shooting it. Any advice would be great if you do use this platform, and i have tried the 2 different ways that instagram allows.
    I have tried to attach examples though it seems only image url's are allowed.
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    Here's how to attach a photo:
    You can try making another post here with the photo attached. Make sure it's a maximum of 700px wide and that you put a caption in the box.
  3. Looks like the phone/tablet instagram app DOES allow you to post non-square images, but you have to indicate that at the time you post the image. If you go with the default format, it wants to crop you to the classic square that is their signature look. If you can't do this from your desktop, just transfer the image to your mobile device, and then follow their directions:

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