Inspiration for DIY monorail bag / NRC needed

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  1. Hello, today is my lucky night; I finally(!) spotted a baby jogger (3 wheeled push chair) in a pile of trash and rescued it.
    I own some capable sewing machinery and would like to mobilize my 13x18cm Monorail and overweight tripod. - Both Linhof, a Kardan Bi & some rock solid monstrosity, at least 18kg in total. I don't want to take the camera apart after every shot and would like to start out walking around the home. - Later I might end stuffing everything into a side car.

    How did others solve the LF mobility issue? - (links to) pictures very much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Sounds like you have the Heavy Duty Pro tripod from Linhof.

    If you disconnect one end of your bellows, usually the lens end with the 5x7 camera, hold it to the rear standard with a strong elastic band, and rotate each standard so they are parallel to the rail you will then have a flat camera which can be easier to pack.
  3. Thanks Bob.
    Is anybody packing their camera in ready position? How to manage the compromise between cradling and being able to take it out of the bag?
  4. Lots of people do, but then you need a much larger case.
  5. I have shot a lot of film through various Graflexes, but I never did the W.H. Jackson or Ansel Adams lugging-the-thing-around bit.
    Most of my shooting was done on a tripod set up once a day and lugged around an archaeological site, or else on a copy stand with various archaeological artifacts.

    I still have an unused Tri-X film pack. I also have a few sheets of Polaroid Type 52, but no longer have a 4x5 to shoot them. Their "best-by" date in any case is long past,

    Tri-X-film-pack.jpg Polaroid-Type-52-box-combined.jpg
  6. Sandy Vongries

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    When my kids fenced we put all their gear in a wheeled fiberglass case used for shipping golf bags by air - might be a possibility. S/B able to find one affordably in a yard sale or charity shop.
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  7. Thanks for that great hint, Sandy. I haven't managed to spot one online yet, but they sound like a great idea for gear hauling by motorcycle. - I'll keep my eyes open! - Too sad that golf is less popular around here, AFAIK due to environment usage legislation making it too hard to build & provide greens, so it seems an upper class pastime.
    I'm not sure if a tiny wheeled "pull through airport and hotel" luggage is ideal for my needs. - I really want to give the stroller chassis a go.
  8. Some years ago I had a Burke and James Grover monorail with 3 holders and a 4x5 reducing back. I took a large Rubbermaid bin and cut out 2 notches where the bin handles were. The camera would hang suspended upside down in the bin with the rail sticking out from each end of the bin in the notches at the handles. The notches were there to allow the bin lid to be placed. There was enough room inside the bin for all the accessories.

    This all would then be placed on a folding luggage cart (it was my wife’s from her international flight attendant days) and held on the cart with 2 bungee cords with hooks on each end. I wish I had some pictures of this setup, but alas there are none... but it was cheap and effective!
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