Insane Camera Behavior - Error 99

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by dcheung, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. If the battery is in the camera, the thing just continually takes pictures.

    Was taking photos this weekend and all of a sudden I get the dreaded Err 99. Then the camera wouldn't stop taking photos. It doesn't matter if the main power is ON or OFF. It doesn't matter if the memory card is in or not. Switching the main dial mode does matter either.

    I've tried also with or without lens, with a new lens, etc.
    I've also tried taking out main battery and auxiliary battery.

    I don't think it is a shutter failure because with the batteries out, I manually push mirror up and the shutter looks okay.

    Again, the camera takes photos even in the OFF position for main power. As soon as the main battery gets put in, it starts taking photos.

    model: EOS 20D
  2. While you can't fault its enthusiasm, it really sounds like a trip to a Canon Service Center is in order here. You have tried all the usual fixes and I'm not sure there is anything left for you to do (maybe leave both batteries out overnight?). It sounds like some kind of electrical short or glitch, not shutter related and hopefully it won't be prohibitively expensive to fix...
    Good luck - in the meantime make sure your camera is pointed towards something interesting!
  3. wait, it's a 20D right? ? ? (okay I see that info now)
    it's a shutter magnet or some such component in the shutter switch.
    this is widely known issue,
    look at this
    and that vid is not the only example. I've seen this for years.
  4. You've got a specific poltergeist called a shuttergeist. Put the camera on a makeshift altar, genuflect two times (after all, it is their 2nd "advanced amateur" digital issue), and reverently utter the words "NOW ITS CANON" until you hear the focus confirmation beep. Unequivocally guaranteed to eliminate any and all future camera malfunctions, presupposing however, you haven't inadvertently purchased the super ultra quintessentially fully and completely all automatic version.

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