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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by stephanie_ostermann, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on my new website
    I am brand spankin' new to trying to turn this little passion of mine into a career. Right now I am doing family sessions with no session fee to try to practice my skills and round out my portfolio.
    Anyways, thank you for your time!
  2. Very nice opening page. I particularly like how you cropped the images in the opening slideshow into the cinematic aspect ratio. One suggestion is to include some photos of family group portraits as some of your potential clients may be looking for those as examples of your work. Good luck with your new venture.
  3. Not bad at all although I found the text on the gallery page a little difficult to read against the backgrounds. Other than that, it looked fine.
  4. I also had a hard time reading the text.
  5. Your website is put together well, I do agree with the font colors in the text they are just a little hard to read, other than that great job...
  6. Thank you all very much.
    I'm working on dealing with the text legibility issues now.
  7. Stephanie, what web service did you use to create the site?
  8. Kathleen, my husband actually built this site for me. He used Zenphoto for the galleries, but the rest he did in Dreamweaver.
  9. Stephanie, I like the site, it looks professional and I think it will serve you well.
  10. Well... The site itself runs well, although it looks just a touch amateurish. Navigation is good, except that I couldn't go in onc click from a slideshow to the full galleries menu. I think a viewer should be able to do that.
    There is a problem with your wedding images. Some of the detail shots are very lovely, but all of the 'people' shots have cluttered backgrounds, and many are shot with available light, and are badly blurred. White balances are all over the place, and there is--forgive the harshness--not one that could be sold to the MoB or whomever as a large print.
    The most important thing for a professional photographer (or a pro anything for that matter) is to learn their craft. If you have the craft skill, you can develop your own style, whatever it may be.
  11. Thank you everyone!
    Les, the wedding shots that I've taken have all been as a guest at friend's weddings. In the interest of staying out of the way of the official photographer, I just do what I can. However - I don't actually plan to do weddings for awhile. I am second shooting with a local pro to learn more, and so my portfolio will expand and improve over time. Thank you very much for your comments, though! Not harsh at all.

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