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  1. P4020245 Quartz crystals Sears Island x1500.jpg 5mm high quartz crystals in a crack.
  2. Someone needs to change their toothpaste :)
  3. Mirabilite, short-lived formation on shore of the Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA.
  4. Bits of rusted metal posing as an archipelago - posted before in the common forum :)

  5. NaCl
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  6. it's not gold :mad:
    0004MAC Pepita-Oro-Dorado-Micro-NikkorP55+E2+PN-11.jpg Nikon D100 with Nikkor-P 55 + E2 + PN-11 rings
  7. I have collected small samples of beach water on my travels to coastal areas. Halite crystals from in the sand as the water slowly evaporates.

    Macro inorganic43021.JPG
  8. inorganic.JPG ...and ancient
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  9. When's your next gig on Comedy Central?

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