Ink Capacity on 2200 vs 7600 vs 9600

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  1. Using ultrachrome ink cartriges, does the 2200 vs 7600 vs 9600 have
    the same or different costs per square foot of image printed? Which
    is the least expensive; which is the most expensive? I checked the
    Epson web page, but the capacities for the 7600/9600 are given in
    a different unit systems which I didn't understand.

    Do they all have the same ink delivery systems, or do they vary? If
    so, which is best, which is worst?

    Does it makes sense to purchase used, or should one stick with new
  2. There are lots of reviews of this issue. IMO you will find the 2200 the most expensive per square foot. Check out the articles at:

    Since the carts are small the cost is high. Even the 7600 is not as good as it can be. All are very costly. The 2200 cost less when you change black, but that is about your only break.

    They are still great systems, but not cheap to operate.

  3. Neil,

    You have had an excellent response. I would add that if you use the 7600 can lower ink costs by using 220 ml. cartridges. Some say that the 220 ml. cartridges do not fit the 7600, but I have it on good authority that they do fit. Using them will save about 30% when compared to using the 110 ml. cartridges. I’m not clear what you mean by different unit systems for the various printers. I’ve seen costs given in $ per sq foot, which seems simple to me.

    Buying a used Epson printer is a risk that I would be reluctant to take. But buying a refurbished machine from Epson is another matter. If available, I believe that a refurbished printer would be a good choice.

    I just got a 7600 on Friday, and I couldn’t be happier. It was easy to set up and I was getting beautiful prints by Saturday afternoon. The Atkinson profiles are excellent.


    Joe Stephenson
  4. I think Joe is right, on the inkjetart page they talk about 220 ml in both.

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