%@*%ing Backing Paper! Grrr!

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  1. Just a bit of advice to other medium format shooters. Always make sure a bit of the backing paper on your roll doesn't get stuck in the back. I've had this happen a number of times with my RZ, usually it's the strip of adhesive that gets torn off and stuck when the dark slide is pushed in. I've been lucky to spot it but not the last time. I started wondering why several of my most recent rolls all had a jagged area of unexposed film on the edge of each frame. Sure enough, there was a piece of paper wedged in the groove where the darkslide pushes against the back. So now I wonder just how many rolls I went through like this. What a pain! So heed my advice and check after every roll.
  2. Marc, Sorry to hear of your problem.
    Is this always happening with just one of your film backs, or are you experiencing this at random with any 120 film back?
    I am not quite fully understanding the root cause from your description.
  3. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    Before threading the film into the back be sure to remove the lickum tab completely, this is the paper that generally fouls your camera.
  4. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

  5. Good advice Paul I usually do pull off any remaining piece but this time I guess I did not. Must have been a hurry I guess.
    Marc, I'm not sure if it's the same back or the other one I use. I guess as the film moves into the take up spool and then after my 10th shot wrapped completely up in the take up spool, a piece of the lickum tab (thanks Paul, I did not know there was a name for this) gets caught and torn off where it stays wedged in the groove where the dark slide fits. This happened on the outside of the back, which is why I didn't notice it when I loaded rolls after this instance..

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